Automatic Direct-to-Garment Screen Printing machine with Pneumatic squeegee pressure equalizer to obtain perfect registration and consistent color reproduction with even ink deposition all over the image area. Refer pdf for specifications of different models available.

nano-printTag plus

Automatic DTG Tagless Label Screen Printing Machine (Available in 3 col or 4 col/8 pallet configuration & 5 col. or 6 col/10 pallet configuration (Std print area: 10 x 12 / Max. print area - 14" x 15")


nano-printTag - The world’s fastest & first all Electrical-Mechanical automatic DTG Tagless Label Screen Printing Machine


Hot Air Dryer

Grafica's Hot Air Dryer is a compact electric drying system with removable filter to collect fine fibers, lint & dust particles


Grafica's flashTex, available in 4 models, is an extremely compact and versatile standalone flash curing unit that can be put into production quickly with complete ease and confidence.

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