Grafica News - January 2018

Sri Vinayaka Screens, Bengaluru,Karnataka: Wedding cards

After automation, Bangalore based Sri Vinayaka Screens has doubled its wedding cards production. The company has Grafica’s Nano-Print plus which they bought after struggling with manual screen printing for many years.

Sri Vinayaka Screens is a manufacturer whole sale wedding cards which are supplied to wedding card traders in Bengaluru. They are specialized in making wedding cards using white board card. "Our wedding cards come with designs of pearl gold, silver, spray gold, matt. Besides we also use other techniques such as emboss and foiling," says J. Manikantan.

He adds: "Owing to increase in work load we had to go for automation. Since we are bulk wedding card manufacturer, it was virtually impossible to meet production. With automation, wastage is very negligible, which was not the case with manual printing. In manual printing wastage was over 3-5% which was huge considering our bulk production."

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