Grafica News - January 2018

Paras Arts has 'bag'ful of orders

Thirty-year old, Rajkot based Paras Arts and its sister concern, Dipesh Traders are in the thick of completing different types of bag orders - Shopping bags, jewelry bags, laptop bags, schools bags, packaging bags for pesticides, seed /grain, etc to markets all over India, many of whom are also export-oriented units.

These bags are made of non woven, canvas, Taiwan polyester (Panda) Mattee (for laptop), cloth, etc, with varied thickness as per market/weight bearing needs (in kgs). While, 90% of the bags (multi colors) are printed by offset/flexo, 1-3 color order lots, having small quantity, are screen printed on Grafica Nano-Print, 15" x 20" semi automatic screen printing machine.

In addition to their 300 sq.yard factory, they were also in the process of adding another 300 sq.yard to expand the operations which also has a bag stitching unit besides all other finishing equipment.

"Started with 10-12 companies, now we have over 100 clients from different industry segments, corporate, agricultural, engineering, electrical, mobile, jewelry, shopping malls, etc," says Paras Patel and Diptesh Patel. 

As the season is getting busier (Christmas and New Year, wedding season), the company has lot of order backlogs for bags.

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