Grafica News - January 2018

Diversification in screen printing:
Deepa Screen & Mona Card’s business strategy
worth emulating by other wedding card printers

There is always a danger of extinction from screen printing if one sticks to just one line of application (Screen printing has hundreds of applications!). That is exactly why Gandhinagar based Deepa Screen & Mona Card Centre, has chalked out a unique business strategy worth emulating by other screen printers.

The company has Grafica’s complete screen printing set up, viz, Nano-Print plus, Nano-UV, Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1.

Although their major focus is on wholesale and retail wedding card manufacturing, they are exploring other applications of screen printing such as spot UV/value addition, industrial printing (printing directly on products), cap and t-shirt printing, non-woven bag printing. “Whatever enquiries come for printing, we ensure that it is converted into order even if we are doing it for the first time, because in screen printing, we need to play safe. If you stick to one application, it is possible that particular business may not have market all the time. And if you do not know how to print other jobs then you will have to wind up the business. It’s happening the market, as ink and material dealer, we have seen many printers winding up screen printing business simply because they do not know other applications,” say Kanubhai Patel and his elder brother Shailesh Patel.

"When it is a small business, it is better to have family members' involvement to reduce labour expenses. In our case, all our family ladies members are fully involved in screen printing, while men are busy in procuring materials, marketing, design and new product development, customer service, screen making, etc," says Shailesh Patel.

Deepa Screen & Mona Card Centre has four businesses, namely, industrial printing, commercial printing (all types including value addition), wedding cards (whole sale and retail) which includes custom made cards to direct walk in customers (retail). Whole sale cards are supplied to small screen printers. And they have a monopoly in screen printing Consumable supplies. "This is a unique and safe business strategy that everyone can not afford to play," says Shailesh Patel.

While they have a wedding card Show room and screen material supply shop in the heart of Gandhi Nagar, their 1000 sq.ft screen printing unit is right atop their residential building thus it is convenient for their women at home – to work in kitchen as well as in screen printing unit.

In the industrial printing, the company undertakes direct printing on products (instead of stickers) such as electronic and electrical instruments, plastic/fiber telephone board, glass, electrical panel box, LED box for street lights.

Their textile printing include (1-2 colors) t-shirts, caps, uniforms, shopping bags (non-woven and cloth bags).

Wedding card business includes: Envelopes, cards, inserts, and related products as per customer requirement and envelope and cards for whole sale customers (screen printers) within the radius of 5 km from their factory.

Their value addition business include: spot UV (gloss / matt) and other UV special effects treatment on job work basis (they have over 25 small offset printers in their customer's list).

And their consumable supply business caters to about 200 screen printers in the entire Gandhi Nagar district of Gujarat.

"While we have 10-15% year on year growth in our screen printing business, in materials supply we have a growth of about15% p.a." says Kanu Patel.

Women at work:

Shailesh Patel's daughter Priyanka, a Ph.d in Math and a Professor in Govt Science College

Unnati (good in cooking and screen printing), Kanu Patel's wife Their daughter Drashti who is studying in 2nd year B.Sc

"We all together finish Kitchen and home work as we do not keep any domestic servant. Then we rush to printing work atop the house. We take care of jobs as much as we take care of everything in the kitchen," says Unnati Patel. "We feel Printing is part of our home work, because it is a family business. We never feel tired or bored of printing. On the contrary we feel bored if for any reason there is no printing job. We all love screen printing on Grafica machine which is easy to use."

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