Grafica News - February 2018

Fed up of tedious manual screen printing Dheeraj
Screen Printers has adopted automation

After a prolonged use of manual screen printing, finally Allahabad-based Dheeraj Screen Printers has adopted automation by investing in Grafica's Nano-Print plus and Nano-UV.

"After upgrading our screen printing unit, we are able to offer high quality work and enhance productivity. However, I felt that to use modern technology, you need proper knowledge as well and that is why I attended DMI’s workshop for the second time," says Vinod Kumar Gupta, proprietor of the company.

"In the 3-day workshop, powered by Bhargav Mistry, I gained that extra weight of knowledge in modern screen printing. I sharpened my skills in print finishing techniques and textile transfer printing. DMI is the best institute in India to get such knowledge. There’s really so much to learn in advanced screen printing. I urge every screen printer to attend DMI workshop," Vinod Kumar.

The 37-year old company started its journey with Letter Press Printing. Later, they also diversified into screen printing, albeit with manual set up, to print halftone Advertisement display boards. The company is now a multi faceted commercial print service provider with special focus on value addition and graphics printing.

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