Grafica News - February 2018

Aarti Printers, a multi dimensional print solution provider in Surat

After their successful diversification into value addition, Surat Aarti Printers has invested in yet another Grafica Nano-Print plus.

The company offers design and printing service (commercial and packaging). They offer design for Packaging, Labels, Water and Beverages bottle wrapper design, Pouch packaging (food and snacks). Besides catering to customers in Surat, Mumbai, Vapi, Ankleshwar, the company also exports jobs to few countries. "For a customer in Portugal, we had made water bottle and energy drink bottle wrapper design and they got it printed from us," reveals Harshad Patel.

Besides two screen printing machines from Grafica, they also have Nano-UV and Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1, and also 2 offset and 10 foil stamping machines.

"Although we have been into commercial printing since 1998, we were quite bored doing only routine jobs and there was not much growth prospects. So, we wanted to explore value addition by screen printing," says Harshad.

"In offset there is gsm limitation and it is difficult to print handmade paper for wedding cards. Now the trend is that people prefer screen printed wedding cards with value addition which commands better price," he adds.

"We got the value addition idea from DMI workshop in 2011 after which we bought Grafica's screen printing set up. During the 3-day workshop, Bhargav Mistry, Director of DMI, enlightened us about so many applications of advanced screen printing even within the graphics and commercial screen printing," says Harshad.

“We are lucky to be associated with such a knowledge based company. We bought another screen printing machine after our tremendous success in value addition. I also want to add here that Grafica is concerned about the growth of Indian screen printing by offering low investment machines with high return knowledge. In India, there is no substitute to Grafica,” he concludes.

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