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GLIMPSES of DMI’s Workshop on ‘Advanced Screen Printing Process’ (Commercial/graphics/value addition) 12-14 June 2017

DMI workshop, screen printing course

Hi Friends,

I was truly touched when over 40 participants in my recently concluded DMI workshop expressed their gratitude to me in an emotion-filled voice. On behalf of all the participants, Tsukti Longkumer who came all the way from Nagaland, first stood up to convey special thanks to me and my DMI team. Even before he could finish his words, others could not control their feelings and one by one started thankfully expressing their views about my workshop and its benefits. And the photo gallery in the facing page gives the glimpses of the workshop which I conducted on 12-13-14 June 2017.

As I had mentioned earlier in my online blog, for all those packaging product developers or graphic designers who are constantly searching for new innovative ideas in Printing & Packaging, my workshop was an eye opener. In this workshop, I openly demonstrated making of a highly luxury table calendar which encompassed 23 New Creative Ideas in Print Finishing & Special Effects for value addition.

To demonstrate all these 23 effects in just 3 days, I had prepared more than 40+ Screens of different mesh count and thread diameters. We used most of the available UV special effects/varnishes, UV Inks / Solvent Inks / Metallic Inks / Pearl Inks / Spot Colour Inks, in different combinations to create dramatic effects on offset and screen printed jobs on various substrates like costly black paper and foil laminated sheets.

For the first time in DMI, I also demonstrated how to create amazing ‘Black and White’ effect, screen printed on black paper with complex foiling technique without using any kind of dies or templates. I also explained and demonstrated in detail, the technique of stochastic screening to produce MOIRE FREE digital-like quality prints by advanced screen printing process.

Today, I am proud to say that DMI is the only institute in the world where print professionals get a rare chance to learn print finishing and special effects on screen/offset/packaging and also textile screen printing.

Let me tell you that currently screen printing is the only process which can produce that third dimension with minimum investments and maximum returns.

So, if you are in the process of creating or developing new packaging products, brochure, catalogues, books, diaries, flyers, invitation cards, calendars, posters or any type of exclusive graphic prints for your customer, then do visit DMI soon. You will be able to see a large collection of new creative samples produced by DMI’s team.

If you wish to see how to print all these new special effects LIVE, then do subscribe to my Blog ( because soon I shall be announcing my next workshop dates on graphics and value addition.

Believe me, just within a week DMI workshop gets completely booked. So, once I announce the next dates, do register quickly before we close the registration.

Bhargav Mistry
Director, DMI

DMI workshop, screen printing course

Feedback of participants

An inspirational workshop. A big thanks from the heart.
Mohamed Mobarez,
Universal Porcelain, Egypt

The moment I reached DMI, I first called up my wife and said: ‘Wow, I have come to a fantastic institute.’ And on day 3, I am going home with full satisfaction. I look forward to come to DMI again because, I for a starter like me it was a complete package theoretically. But to put into practice I would require hands on training.
Tsukti Longkumer
Longpok Offset Press, Nagaland

The print results achieved through stochastic dot/FM Screen technique is an eye opener for the screen printers in India. I would say, the DMI’s educational initiative will drastically change the screen printing scenario in India and will also enable to building smart enterprises in screen printing.
Suhas Mulam,
National Printing Press, Mumbai

Now I have understood why it is important to have a proper screen making department with a separate clean room. We will try to implement DMI’s knowledge in our day to day activities. Very valuable knowledge, noble work for mankind! Keep it up!
J.S. Sandhu/Aman Sandhu
Param Associates, Agra

I will be using screen printing majorly for my products and having DMI’s knowledge I advanced screen printing/techniques will help me effectively communicate my ideas/requirements well to a screen printer till I outsource the job.
Hetal Renjit,
Freelancer, Mumbai.

Since I am starting a new business, each particles of knowledge is going to be useful. You are indeed rendering a great service.
Aakriti Jain
Atul Suspension & Fastners, Indore

Bhargav Mistry not only taught about advanced screen printing process but also gave lot of tips to run the printing business efficiently.
Jodh Singh
Kleinmann, Ludhiana

Knowledge is wealth and I earned a lot from DMI workshop. And I must say that Indian education system lacks this kind of practical knowledge.
Murali Manoj
Moorthy Offset Printers, Sivakasi

A ‘super-excellent’ workshop!
Jagdish Kotak
Swiss Pac, Baroda

DMI workshop, screen printing course

DMI is not just an institute but an ‘icon’ of our screen printing industry.
Rakesh Meghani,
Baba Nanak Shah, Raipur

DMI workshop is all about ‘quality’ in screen printing. Now I can say there is still bright future in screen printing.
B. Chakrapani/ Dheeraj Sankeerth
Bright Future Art Printers, Hyderabad

DMI is a ‘great system’ which grooms screen printers from being normal to extra ordinary.
Gautam Bhide/Eeshaan Bhide
Kasturi Graphics, Ahmedabad

I just say big thanks to Bhargav Mistry for spreading knowledge.
Avinash Patel
Printwell Offset, Surat

I never expected it to be a 5-Star experience.
Deepak Mistri,
Gajjar Printers

I learnt something new in screen printing which I never knew. E.g. value addition.
Asif Khan,
Asif Art Print, Nagpur

‘Work systematically’ is the great lesson that we are taking back home.
Jayesh Kiri/Sandeep Parmar
Manorita Designs, Surat

I have understood the importance of design elements while using various UV special effects.
Anand Raju
Kanvin Inc, Bengaluru

DMI workshop, screen printing course

I leant the use of various UV special effects from the packaging point of view.
Mitesh Patel,
Axis Printers, Daman

To develop new business in screen printing one certainly needs advanced knowledge like the one taught in the DMI workshop.
Akkina Tirumalesh
Raamsree UV Prints, Hyderabad

I am astonished to see DMI’s 2018 calendar with over 20 UV special effects!
Vivek Gaur
Best Digital Prints, Gurgaon

I have completed BE in printing but certainly need this kind of highly technical / practical knowledge to move of forward in my career.
Shubnam Kharat
Walter Pack Automative India, Pune

We learnt so many ideas and many of our queries with regard to improving quality in screen printing were answered by Bhargav Mistry.
Ruchit Patel/Soheb Saiyad
Rachayita The Creator, Surat

The workshop enhanced my confidence as I plan to venture into screen printing business.
Manish Jain
Krishiv Labels & Packaging, Ahmedabad

I am going to set up inhouse screen printing unit with a perfect screen making department.
Pratap Singh
Guruoat Printing Press, Firozpur

DMI’s knowledge will go a long way in changing our screen printing business.
Puneet Sharma
Puneet Printing Press, Ludhiana

DMI workshop, screen printing course

DMI workshop, screen printing course

DMI workshop, screen printing course

DMI workshop, screen printing course

DMI workshop, screen printing course

DMI workshop, screen printing course

DMI workshop, screen printing course

DMI workshop, screen printing course

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