Grafica News - February 2017

Women entrepreneurs take part in DMI's workshop on advanced screen printing

We are into handmade paper bags, packaging, gifts, and stationery. We have observed that our screen printing is facing two critical problems, lack of knowledge in advanced screen printing and non availability of skilled labour. We were also not able to reproduce colors perfectly with clarity. So, in DMI workshop we could empower ourselves with the latest knowledge in screen printing, learn right procedure of screen making, techniques of UV special effects. We learnt various new technical jargons related to advanced screen printing such 'linearization', 'FM screening', 'UV special effects', 'exposure calculator' 'color separation'. One important lesson that we are taking back is the use of yellow light in screen making department and use of yellow polyester mesh which we did not know earlier. We have also understood that we should never compromise on quality for which we need to use QC tools and quality raw materials. We will start implementing some of the lessons that we learnt in DMI workshop. Interestingly, we also got a tip that 'serigraphy' (art reproduction) is the next big promising area in screen printing. We are thankful to DMI for educating the screen printers in advanced screen printing which is so vast subject.
Pushpa / Pooja Varma, Big Inspirationz, Mumbai

As a color separation artist, I attended DMI workshp to learn the technique of FM second generation screening and other aspect of garment screen printing. It was an excellent opportunity.
Shama Shah, Freelancer, Mumbai

I have had an amazing experience at DMI, and I could learn new techniques in garment screen printing.
Vani Varma, Print Shop Engineers Pvt Ltd

Since I want to start garment printing business, I attended DMI workshop to gain enough knowledge in advanced screen printing. I learnt a systematic approach to execute orders in garment printing. The aspects of design making, size, and selection of color as per fabric colors and other operational aspects made clear to me including the crucial screen making methods. Since we are having some problems in screen printing, I learnt certain tips to resolve it.
Juhi Panchal, Packers, Indore.

I learnt basic to advanced techniques in screen printing. I also understood certain discipline to be followed in the practice of screen printing to achieve quality. In screen printing getting sharpness is a major problem.
Mrunal Bhagat, Spot Print, Mumbai

I learnt ink application process in greater details and will empower me with required knowledge for my current work.
Snehal Balurkar, Fijifilm Sericol India Pvt Ltd, Pune

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