Grafica News - February 2017

Women who are part of family print business

Mrs. Mrunal Rajesh Kulkarni, Director - Admin, Keetronics (India) Pvt. Ltd, Pune

What are your Responsibilities at work?
Keetronics (India) Private Limited was established in 1994 by my visionary husband Mr. Rajesh Vinayak Kulkarni. Keetronics manufactures advance input devices, functional printed electronics and capacitive based touch switches for various industries such as Medical, Automation, Indian Railways, Military, Electronics, Hospitality.

I have been involved in our printing business since 1998. It is very difficult to handle all tasks in business for a single man (My husband Rajesh Kulkarni who is MD of Keetronics). So, I decided to join hands with him and to utilize my expertise in management for organizational use. I am good in Interpersonal Skills. As a Director of the company, I handle all the Administration and HR Related activities for smooth functioning of work. I have done B.Com and DBM.

Your views about Screen Printing:
Screen Printing is very advance and interesting than other conventional printing techniques. Now a day's Screen printing technology is taking up a very different roll being applicable to a new emerging technology “Printed Electronics”, so that we can able to print electronics devices such as Printed batteries, Printed transistors etc with the help of screen printing.

What is your favorite job?
Printing of multicolor overlays as well as printing of conductive structure related to “Printed Electronics”

What's your company's strategy?
We are one of the research based organizations to show the development as a commercial product in the market. We always flourish on creativity and innovation and are eager to embrace new ideas. For us excellence and integrity go hand in hand. We focus on providing services and generating products that fully respond to customer requirement and anticipate customer needs. We see the world not as it is but it could be. We are very much passionate to develop new products with the help of new emerging technology such as “Printed Electronics”. The product which we developed meets all requirements especially in both physical and electrical parameters. These products are unique compared to other commercial electronic devices which are playing around in the global market. When it's unique and compatible, then of course our products will move up to the next level for commercialization and innovation.

Who is your role model?
Personally, I think role models start in the home with your parents. But specifically from printing profession, I follow Mr. Mike Young, a specialist in highdefinition graphic and highperformance industrial screenprinting for over 40+ years. His suggestions and recommendation related to screen printing queries always benefits to me and also to our organization.

Who is your role model in life and why?
I feel a role model is a mentorsomeone you see on a daily basis, and you learn from them. They set goals for you and try to make you as good as they are. For me my role model is Kiran Bediji, India's first woman IPS officer. She has been known for her hard stance on social justice. She has stepped beyond the traditional role assigned to women and set a benchmark of courage for others. She was a frontrunner in the recent 'India against Corruption' movement.

Work and home:
1. I do daily work check list
2. Prioritize the things
3. Fix the deadline for each task
4. Complete task before the deadline.

Difference between ink kitchen in your printing press and kitchen at home:
Working in ink kitchen and working at home kitchen, both the departments require utmost care and dedication and also right skill/knowledge in order to achieve timely and consisted results.

Your hobbies, interests:
My hobbies includes travelling, listening to music, Tree plantation, and to do social work etc. I am affiliated to Rotary Club and Lakshmi Keshav Pratisthan.

Your Achievements:
Since 2010, our company has been receiving awards in national and international competitions, year after year, such as SGIA/ FESPA/ Screen Print India.

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