Grafica News - Feb 2016

Women take up teaching profession in Printing Technology

Rashmi Bhat, Asst Professor, Printing and Packaging Technology, SIES Graduate School Of Technology, New Mumbai.

Rashmi Bhat - a brief profile Education: BE Printing Technology from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal with distinction / ME Printing from PVGs College of Engineering and Technology , Pune with distinction Experience in teaching: 9 years Industry Experience: 4 years Field of interest: Graphic Design, Labels and flexography


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Why did you choose print education as your profession?
I wanted to do something different. I liked designing and creativity. Initially it was a only a fascination about designing, colors and currency printing. But through the course we were more on Industry visits than in classes. The support of the industry for printing education and the practical oriented approach of the subject made the difference. Teaching has been my dream job. Teaching is a field where we can mould the future generations. We get to interact with young and fresh minds for whom everything seems possible. The satisfaction we get, when we see our students doing well, is incomparable.

According to you what is women empowerment or who is the empowered woman?
For me women empowerment is giving women freedom to choose their path and be supportive in their endeavors. Empowered woman is the one who has the power of decision making and who can take care of herself. Caring comes naturally to women and when we empower women they can contribute to society in a great way. If girls are given equal rights and choices like boys when they are brought up it will lead to healthy competition bringing out the best of both.

Your views about gender equality or inequality in business and industry....
Gender equality is a wrong word according to me. Everyone is a unique person and has his/her strengths and weaknesses. Earlier the society was biased towards women in workplace. It was more so with printing industry as it was seen as a labour oriented industry. But of late we are finding more women in the industry. It started at upper and middle management level and gradually it has percolated down the hierarchy. We have more automated machines and today it is more about people management be it customer or the personnel and adaptability with the ever changing technology. The society has become more open about the idea of training and educating girls so as to make them equal contributors in every field and the results are there to be seen.

Your views about printing technology in general …
It is ever evolving, dynamic and offers lot of challenges. It is a right blend of art and technology. You need a bit of everything to perform here. It started as a mere reproduction of simple text matter but created revolution in communication. Today we are standing at the threshold of one more revolution with digital printing. Whatever you imagine you can print, electronic parts, organs, machine parts, house …what not.

And screen printing in particular:
Screen Printing is a kind of printing which will be needed always. Any new developments in functional coatings can always be tried and tested with screen. Because of its versatility and ink film thickness, the kind of applications that can be developed are left to ones imagination. Be it Printed electronics or Braille printing Screen has its own niche market.

Would you recommend more girls to take up printing profession?
Yes. It will always be useful to have more girls as it brings more creativity in workplace. As I said earlier Printing is a blend of art and technology and needs sense of visual aesthetics which comes naturally to women. It will always give that creative satisfaction. When the consumers can be both men and women it gives sense to have equal girls in the team as their input can give better results. There are many areas where women can work like prepress, quality control, customer support or even production.

Printing sector as a whole is a well knit community and the recognition is faster. It is more satisfying when you get to work with people who are driven by passion. Industry is always supportive to academia.

Women as teachers in print education

Dawn M. Hohl-Nowlin, Uncommon Enterprises LLC, USA

Why did you choose in screen printing as your profession?
I became interested in screen printing in junior high school after attending the graphic arts portion of the school program. In high school I was able to take three full years of graphic arts as an elective, and the teacher there took me under his wing. He had his own screen printing business in his basement and was instrumental in guiding me to choose screen printing a career. I specifically completed a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communications with a Screen Printing Concentration with the intention of working in the industry. Screen printing appeals my creative, intellectual, innovative and logical traits and has been a very rewarding career for me.

What is women empowerment?
Allowing women to freely develop, function, and bring improvement in society and industry using their innate talents and traits, and having that society/industry recognize and compensate them equally for their contribution. Allowing women to fully and equally participate in society/industry is a win-win. The unique talents and traits women possess can enhance and develop any area they are involved for the benefit of all concerned. The wellspring of incredible abilities, intelligence, wisdom and creativity within women should be maximized in any society that wants to thrive and develop.

Your views about gender equality or inequality in business and industry....:
Providing equal opportunities for education, skill development and management positions are important steps to bringing women up to their full potential. I think the graphics (printing) industry tends to be more accepting of women than some other types of businesses. Of course there is room for improvement.

And the scenario in the US:
I think overall the US is fairly progressive with gender equality, especially in the last 40 years. As I said, I see the graphics (printing) field to be fairly accepting of women in all types of positions from top to bottom. The excellent opportunity in the US for women to attend higher education is a key element. There has been a successful and consistent push for equal treatment of women for many years in America which has benefited the country as a whole.

**Dawn M. Hohl-Nowlin is a Technical Trainer and Consultant on screen printing. She regularly contributes technical article for Grafica News India. Her industry experience includes 18 years with SPTF/SGIA, USA, overseeing screen printing workshops, developing training resources and conducting process-related research. She is a member of the Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technology (ASDPT).

Prof. Sadhana S.Thatte,

Coordinator, KCES's Multimedia and Printing Technology, Jalgaon

Your views about the Intl. Women Day celebrations on March 8:
Celebration of women's day means celebration of women's economic, political, and social achievements.

What is women empowerment?
Women empowerment is empowering the women with education thereby make them independent in all aspects - in mind, thought, rights, and decisions. Women must be awakened. Once she is on the move, the family moves, the village moves, the nation moves. That means equality to women in the society in all spheres just like men.

Why women empowerment is needed in this society?
Long ago, India had a woman Prime Minister for many years and even now we have few women chief ministers in few states. But still women are suppressed in India in many fields. So there is a need to empower women so that also set the goal to make India a fully powerful and developed country. Empowered women can fight against all the evils of the society. Empowered women have the skill to adopt many roles in the society.

Your views about gender equality or inequality in business ....
Inequalities between men and women in the society create lots of problems which become a big obstruction in the way to success of nation. Despite all efforts to reduce gender discrimination against women, still our society's mindset is not ready to give equal treatment to women at par with men in all fields of the society like education, business houses etc. Women are much better than men to deal with certain problems. They are fully able to perform multiple roles like administrative, supervision, budgeting, and relationship maintenance etc.

Your views about screen printing:
Screen printing is one of the easiest methods of printing. Screen printing business needs less investment, less time, less manpower to start self business. Now a days we see that there are many women entrepreneur successfully working in this field. Now screen printing is becoming popular due to automation as I witnessed at the recently concluded PAMEX expo in Mumbai. Screen printing can be carried out on variety of substrates. The CD covers, Beautiful cotton fabrics, silk & polyesters, Posters, signs, flyers, advertisements on buses, t-shirts and even watch dials are screen printed. There are many applications of screen printing. Sky is the limit. Some women entrepreneurs are successfully working in this screen-printing sector. My salute to all women entrepreneurs and working women in the screen printing sector!

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