Grafica News - Dec 2015

Spending 3-knowledgeful days in DMI was a 'golden' moment in my life!

Participants share their delightful experiences in DMI's workshop On Advanced Screen Printing Process (Graphics & Value Addition)
7 - 9 December 2015

Having learnt (in DMI workshop) that pre press/screen making play the major role in printing, now onwards I shall pay more attention to this aspect. I was also enlightened that tools are very important rather than merely spending much of our resources on printing machine only. So, here after we will also invest on tools required to aid print our production. Also, we will discard nylon bolt and use only polyester yellow mesh.
Manoj Luthra,
Print Wave, Noida.

As a Graphic Designer it was important to know the applications of various UV special effects in screen printing. Now I can brilliantly take my designs to the next level and insist on the printers to give me the best output that perfectly matches my creative input. I suggest DMI should have a brief course for designers as many of them do not know the capabilities and beautify of screen printing.
Tina Nussirabad,
Freelance Designer, Designer, Mumbai.

Participants' Feedback

Spending 3-knowledgeful days in DMI was truly a 'golden' moment in my life!
K.G. Ravi, Tweezerman India, Pudhicherry.

Hither to Screen printing was never thought to be a tool to add so much value to print.
Manish Jain, Krishiv Labels & Packaging, Ahmedabad.

Although a veteran in the printing industry, I still wanted to learn emboss and other special effects done by screen printing.
Dattatray Purohit, Art Bureau Printing Press, Kolhapur.

The quantum of knowledge that I gained in DMI workshop is priceless.
Dnyaneshwar Mandrekar, Marcou Artfacts, Goa.

We liked the instructor's all tutorials, elaborating advanced screen printing techniques. His capacity to speak at length is quite significant and enormous. And, what an inspiring cleanliness in DMI and its stylish training facility! We got plenty of knowledge from DMI.
Prajwal Mangrulkar/ Anand Paliya, Lila Media Corp, Nagpur.

I got some valuable tips to improve quality of our wedding cards.
Ganesh Kumar/Kumaresan, Shree Printographs, Sivakasi.

Since we make posters and framing pictures, I got to know the applications of various UV special effects.
Ashok Pandi, Jothi Art Calendars, Sivakasi.

DMI is really the best institute to learn advance screen printing.
Sanjeev Bahuguna, Gayatri Computers & Printers, Uttarkhand.

I believe learning takes us forward, else we become stagnant.
Jitesh Nahar, Arham Card Board, Kolkata.

I could learn many techniques in screen making.
R. Sridhar, Sri Lakshmi Prints, Bengaluru.

If we use modern tools, ideas and techniques as demonstrated in DMI workshop, screen printing has a bright future.
Vikram Singh, Shubham Printers, Jodhpur.

Bhargav Mistry is truly an 'Icon' of Indian screen printing.
Prakash Jha, Saptarishi Apparels, Ahmedabad.

DMI surely shows the path of discipline and quality culture to be followed in screen printing process.
Mrunal Bhagat, Sport Print, Mumbai.

Print finishing, if done with proper knowledge, could be a profitable business.
Rahul Khobragade/Swapnil Madavi, Gangs of Designers, Nagpur.

There are certain small quantity jobs which are not worth printing by offset; but based on the knowledge received in DMI, we can switch jobs to screen printing, of course with some value addition.
Karan Dipani, Ajanta Print Arts, Navi Mumbai.

Now only we came to know about the right method of screen making.
Rajendra Bhave/Sujeet Singh, SM Label Makers, Mumbai.

The workshop was more than excellent and mind blowing.
Umesh Choudhary, Srajan Creation, Neemuch, MP.

It was an outstanding workshop. I shall be a frequent participant in your future workshop.
Alok Jain, ThreeView, Surat.

We really need passionate teachers like Bhargav Mistry all over India who puts lot of devotion into teaching. Hats off to him for sharing knowledge with care!
Jayesh Rajput, X'Lent Grafiks, Mumbai.

I got 100% freedom to learn new ideas and techniques in screen printing - both theoretically and practically.
Srimant Kumar Pani, Attainable Media & Communications, Kolkata.

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