Grafica News - Aug 2015

Workshop on Advanced Screen Printing Process


I had attended some of the best training sessions in India and abroad and I can say confidently that this workshop is at par with world class training. I am glad that at the starting of my learning process in printing, I got a chance to attend DMI's workshop on advanced screen printing. I now understand that it is critical to follow the correct method and standards to achieve the desired results in printing. A special thanks to Bhargav Mistry; his passion and dedication is quite inspirational!
Poonam Choudhary, Concept Oven Designs & Prints, Delhi

I will immediately change nylon mesh first. Jai Screen Printing! Jigmet Angchuk, Ladakh Printing House, Leh Ladak.

As an offset printer, I learnt the technique of applying UV special effects on commercial and packaging jobs.
Gautham Pavanasam, Eswari Offset Printing Works, Sivakasi.

Thanks for the knowledge imparted generously which is not easily available.
Ishav Mehta, Mansa Print & Publishers, Chandigarh.

In this competitive market something extra, out of the box, is always required. Screen printing is one of the technologies useful in our printing market for value addition.
Divya Munjal, Mansa Print & Publishers, Chandigarh.

I am going to implement some of the techniques/knowledge, viz, systematic screen making for better results.
Sweta Doshi, Adex Composites, Mumbai

We will discard nylon mesh and use only polyester mesh in future to achieve better results in UV special effects and halftone printing.
Umakant/ Vaishali Pawar, U.V. Printers, Karad.

The knowledge gained here will go a long way to improve the screen printing department of my automotive glass printing unit. Screen Printing Zindabad! Harmeet Singh, IAS Glasses, Delhi

Forty-one participants from all over India and abroad got immense FREEDOM to learn advanced screen printing process, with great enthusiasm, during the 3-day workshop held at DMI on 3- 5 August 2015. Bhargav Mistry, Director of DMI, conducted the theoretical and practical sessions, involving pre-press, complete screen making procedures (fabric stretching, coating, drying, exposing), process colour screen printing, UV special effects printing, etc. He also demonstrated the use of various QC tools. Inspired by DMI's creative samples many of the participants bought Fespa's Sensation, a guide book on UV special effects. The feedbacks of the participants reproduced in these pages highlights why it is important to LEARN MORE TO EARN MORE in line with DMI's inspiring slogan.

With DMI's knowledge we will take our business to the next level. Screen Printing Zindabad!
Ameya Naik, Om Sai Decoplast, Pune.

The technique of UV special effects can be applied on our wedding cards.
Ram Milan Jaiswar / Manohar Mohite, Varda, Mumbai

DMI's knowledge on 'quality' is an eye opener.
Pranav Dagli, Bahubali Printer, Mumbai

Excellent management, wealthy knowledge!
Rajesh Jadhav, Square Media, Pune

I personally invite Bhargav sir to our printing unit to see the implementation of knowledge and practices that I had learnt in DMI's previous workshop.
Prashant Parashar, Glitters India, Gurgaon

DMI helped me to unlearn unorthodox practices and shed light on the science.
Gaurav Pasi, Concept Oven Designs & Prints, Delhi

I happened to meet Bhargav Mistry at various exhibitions but today I realized how much he is techno savvy in screen printing and related area.
Chandrakant Shinde / Rizmi Ahmed, Viraj Prints, Mumbai

What a pleasant time at DMI …an informative training … excellent hospitality.
Gopal Sharma, K.D. Impression, Panchkula, Haryana

I plan to start halftone screen printing on polycarbonate and other plastic substrates.
Nikhil Ranade, Shree Enterprises, Pune

I learnt how to maintain 'screen printing culture' in a disciplined manner.
T.S. Rajesh, Divya Digital Press, Thiruvanthapuram

I am returning as a fully satisfied individual filled with great knowledge in advanced screen printing.
M.M. Sanju, Paper Papio, Kochi

I feel the quality culture and cleanliness, that was evident at DMI, can bring even extra energy to serve our customers better.
T.M. Venkatesh, Print Works, Bengaluru

Neither I nor our printing staff ever knew the art of screen printing and UV special effects in such great details.
Anil Patil Kulkarni, Surarchit Print Pack Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru

I came all the way from Nairobi to DMI to explore the possibilities of advanced screen printing! Ashly Jacob, Digital Hub, Kenya

It was altogether different experience from other workshops which I had attended in the past.
Anoop Garg, S.P. Enterprises, Ludhiana

DMI sharpened our knowledge to print auto dials with sharpness!
Ashish Kumar Patel / Rajendra Patel, Ashcroft India Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad

DMI workshop showed me how quickly we can change screens … hardly in two minutes!
Vinay Dhumal, Gurukrupa Industries, Pune

We learnt one core lesson that 'if screen is made perfectly, we can deliver quality prints at ease'.
Kuldip Singhal / Kailash Gupta, Charu Overseas, Jaipur,

I felt very good and learnt some good lessons in screen printing.
Pradip Bhagat, New A.V. Printing Press, Dimapur, Nagaland