Grafica News - Sep 2014

Technical Seminars at SPI'14
Printers get technology insights from international experts

Various seminars, held on the sidelines of Screen Print India exhibition in Goa (18-21 September 2014), were well attended by knowledge seeking screen printing professionals including some of Grafica's valued customers. The participants felt the seminars were informative and practical. Here is a brief report of some of the seminars.

Johnny Shell’s Seminars,

Textile Special Effects: While discussing the basic types of special effect inks and popular applications for which they are used, Johnny touched upon the technical requirements for successful print production including correct mesh and stencil combinations. He also performed live demo to substantiate his theoretical session.

Screen Making Variables: Mesh, Tension, Stencils and Exposure: In this session, Johnny covered the key variables and techniques to understand for successful screen making. He touched upon topics ranging from mesh geometry and its importance when standardizing mesh counts, tension and its impact on the entire screen printing process, how to choose the right stencil material and apply it properly, and methods for determining proper exposure.

Textile Separations: In this session, Johnny discussed the current separation methods used for textile printing and when each can be used. He elaborated the 4-color process, Index, and Simulated Process separation techniques using Adobe Photoshop. Johnny had also conducted seminars on Digital Technologies for Textiles.

Johnny is Vice President (Technical Services), SGIA, USA

Mike Young's Seminars

Seminar No.1: Prevent Early Colour Fading in India: Understanding Colour Light fastness. This seminar was Management & educational in nature (non-technical)

Seminar No.2: Noteworthy Growth Areas for India's Screen Printing Community. This seminar was Management & business in nature (non-technical)

Seminar No.3: In this Highly-technical seminar (comprehensive), Mike spoke about Basic Techniques for High-Performance/Industrial Screen Printing Applications.

Seminar No.4: In this seminar Mike discussed High-Tech Printing 101 for Management.

Seminar No.5: In this seminar Mike gave Overview of Printed Circuit & Touch screen Applications

Mike is a renowned Screen Printing Consultant Imagetek Consulting International, & Member of ASDPT, USA. We shall cover a detailed report on his seminar in future issues.

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