Grafica News - Oct 2014

nano-prinTag attracts huge visitors at "Textillegprom" in Moscow

Grafica's Russian representative KINTO recently showcased nanoprinTag in TEXTILLEGPROM, the 43rd Federal Trade Fair for Textile and Light Industry Goods and Equipment. The exhibition took place at All-Russian Exhibition Centre, Moscow, Russia from September 23 to September 26, 2014. “There was an unprecedented rush in our stall as our team performed live demo of printing tagless labels, high density printing, and special effects on Grafica's nano-prinTag. Worldwide one would see mostly compressor based pneumatic machines, hence, visitors were delighted to see the compressor-free DTG tagless label screen printing machine running smoothly. ” informs Michael, Sales Manager, KINTO, Russia. “The TEXTILLEGPROM is one of the most large-scale exhibition events of Russia,” he adds.

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