Grafica News - Oct 2014

9th NAEP 2014 presented

The 9th National Awards for Excellence in Printing 2014 (NAEP 2014) was held on September 20, 2014 in New Delhi. As reported, the NAEP 2014 awards competition had received total 2,219 entries from total 179 printers from all over the country, among which 123 printers won awards in following categories:

Offset: Small /Medium / LargeWeb offset: Small /Medium / Large Mini offsetDigital Printing Screen Printing Flexography /Gravure

Here is list of winners under Screen Printing Category some of whom are Grafica's valued customers. Nevertheless, congratulations to all award winners!

  • Supreme Screens
  • Avantika Printers
  • Dass Printers
  • Sachin Printers
  • Lustra Print Process
  • Replica Wedding Cards Designer & Printers
  • Screen Art Enterprises
  • Spectrum Scan
  • Rakesh Press
  • Excel Sign Solutions

The NAEP Awards was initiated by the All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP), is every year. AIFMP represents consists 59 regional associations representing more than 250,000 printers in India.

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