Grafica News - Oct 2014

Maruthi Screen applies 'automation' technique to produce Rangoli stickers

T.R. Kamalesh Babu of Madurai based Maruthi Screen quickly realized that automation was necessary to deliver quality stickers. Thus he invested in Grafica's Nano-Print four years ago.

“With automation it is easy to get fine quality with perfect registration in multi colour stickers. I can now offer variety of stickers, transform my creative designs into striking stickers,” asserts Babu while sharing tangible benefits of automation.

He continues: “Since stickers are produced in volume, manual screen printing is slower process. With automation we have put our production on fast-forward mode with minimum rejection and wastage. Our operators also feel comfortable to work on Nano- Print. It may not be exaggerated to say that our workmen take keen interest in work as earlier they used to get tired of pulling squeegee on manual table.”

Maruthi Screen is specialized in Rangoli stickers, floor stickers, hologram stickers, Gods picture stickers, fancy stickers, Cartoon stickers for kids cycles.

Their special occasion Rangoli stickers mainly supplied to markets in Madurai, Chennai, Mumbai, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Such Rangoli design stickers are stuck on floor during Diwali, Navratri, New Year, Christmas celebrations, instead of creating Rangoli by hand, using various white clay powder and multi colour powders which cannot be preserved for long. “So, these readymade sticker designs come as handy,” explains Babu.

He started off his business in 1999 with general paper stickers for cloth, plastic items, and utensils. “In 2005 I diversified into bi-cycle stickers which are supplied to cycle repair shops, what is called as 'secondary market' in Madurai. These stickers are used as replacement after repair of cycles; often people especially kids want to change the old stickers on cycle rods with new attractive one,” he concludes

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