Grafica News - Oct 2014

Letter to Editor

Quite often, I was feeling very much shy to say that I am a screen printer because it is treated as a low profile job. But today I feel proud to say that I have recently received the Screen Print India Award - first prize under 'poster' category.

I am happy that I have achieved a status in screen printing after installing Grafica's screen printing machine. Now I am learning advanced screen printing to make best use of it in my Eco-Friendly craft items. After my graduation I took admission in law but could not complete because of family problem. I decided to start business but I had no capital and family support. I started Screen Printing business with Rs.1100. I preferred this business because there was a scope to explore my creativity.

But it's amazing that in our day to day life screen printing occupies an important role. As revealed by international expert, Mike Young, in one of the workshops, that in all our electronics devices there is a PCB which is screen printed; the smart phones contain 90% of screen print application, all the touch screen devices are screen printed, the solar panel, all motor vehicles decals, major out-door add materials, energy patches, many special effects, etc..

Sunil Panda
Krishna Creations, Bhubaneshwar

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