Grafica News - June 2014

'Value Addition' concept spreads across Vibrant Gujarat

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will”
George Bernard Shaw

“Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can plan weird; that's easy. What's hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity”
Charles Mingus

And the advent of UV special effects has caught the imagination of creative minded offset and screen printers across Gujarat. Now that several printers (both offset and screen printers) have invested in Grafica screen printing machines exclusively to offer value addition, vis a vis, high end UV special effects, what is also called as print decoration or print embellishment.

Since the inception of its DMI institute, Grafica has been aggressively promoting value addition concept through regular workshops, educational tour (road shows), presentations at industry forums, live demo at national, regional exhibitions. In such events Grafica also displays a huge collection of screen printed samples to demonstrate creative use of various UV special effects on offset printed commercial and packaging jobs, wedding cards, social stationery, etc.

Over to Vibrant Gujarat story of screen printers!

“Sustained growth in offset printing business is possible only with value addition through screen printing”

Pravin Patel, MD, Shree Printwell Offset, Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad based Shree Printwell Offset Pvt Ltd has recently installed Grafica's CamShell, a heavy duty screen printing machine and screen making kit to offer high end value addition in a big way. With this investment, the company now moves on a growth trajectory.

“We invested in Grafica's 30” x 40” CamShell to make our printing unit self reliant in value addition since customers prefer under one roof printing service,” asserts Pravin Patel, MD, Shree Printwell Offset.

He adds: “Through their inhouse publication, Grafica News India, Grafica is really making great contribution for the development and growth of screen printing in India.”


From where did you get 'value addition' inspiration?
The thought process to invest in advanced screen printing started after getting inspiration from Grafica during our visit to their stall in one of the exhibitions. We saw some striking value addition samples which demonstrated creative use of various UV special effects over offset printed commercial and packaging jobs. Then and there only we realised the importance of value addition in context of commercial printing. I would say Grafica team injected a new thinking in us about the complementary role of screen printing in offset printing.

It is a well known fact in commercial printing that spot UV (matt and gloss) are very normal and old print finishing technique. Today, 75% of our jobs (commercial and packaging) involve value addition. When we suggest our customers about use of various UV special effects they like and accept the idea, after all they want their jobs to be outstanding. We offer glitter, abrasive, crystal, reflective and other ornamental UV special effects to embellish commercial and packaging jobs.

In what way screen printing benefits offset printers like you?
We consider screen printing both as an asset as well as our USP. We are maintaining a growth of 30-40% per annum in our printing business; we believe that sustained growth is possible only with value addition. In the normal offset printing arena, there are too many players with cut throat competition.

There is a great benefit to us and to our customers, if we have everything inhouse; it gives us total freedom to offer value addition right from design to dispatch. We can now undertake complicated jobs requiring application of various UV special effects over offset printed commercial and packaging jobs.

About Shree Printwell Offset
Shree Printwell Offset Pvt. Ltd was founded by Pravin Patel, founderdirector. Their current 20000 sq.ft print facility in Ahmedabad employs about 160 persons. They offer commercial and packaging printing services to corporate customers in India and abroad. Their customers include: Telecom companies, educational and research organizations, industry bodies, PSUs, corporate houses, MNCs, healthcare, ceramics, pharma, retail chains, cosmetic, food, and pesticides companies.

Shree Printweel has Two 4-colour offset, One 5 colour offset, and high end digital printing press. Apart from a design studio and complete pre-press facilities including colour proofing, they also have post press facilities: 3 Thermal lamination machines, 2 Lamination machines, PUR binding and Folding/cutting machines.

Aarti Printers, Surat

Aarti Printers have invested in two Grafica's Nano-Print plus, Nano-UV, Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1, Nano-Sharpener to seize big opportunities in value addition. “We got the value addition idea and inspiration from DMI workshop in 2011,” says Harshal Rathod of Aarti Printers, Surat in Gujarat state. Besides wide range of commercial printing service with value addition, the company undertakes designing work for general Packaging, Labels, Water and soft drink bottle wrapper, food and snacks Pouches, and corporate logos, et al. (Full story in future issue)

Sai Nath Poly-Lam, Ahmedabad

Sai Nath Poly-Lam is a full- fledged post press service provider, catering to over 150 offset printers and design studios in Gujarat state. They undertake all types of commercial and packaging for pharma and real estate sectors. With Grafica's Nano-Print plus/Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1, they offer value addition, an inspiration received from Grafica. “Today, about 80% of our jobs involve value addition,” say Chetan Rathod and Bhargav Rathod. (Full story in next issue)

Print Zone Offset, Morbi

Print Zone Offset Pvt. Ltd, Morbi (Gujarat) is a designing and print service provider. The company has invested in Grafica's Nano- Premier League plus (NPL plus) to offer value addition on wide range of commercial and packaging, involving treatment of various UV special effects namely, Abrasive, 3D reflective, Emboss, Glitter. According to Jasmin Patel, one of the directors, about 80% of their total jobs get the value addition treatment. (Full story in future issue)

Pratik Screen, Rajkot

Arvind Virsodia of Pratik Screen, Rajkot, has seized big opportunity in visiting card business thanks to the UV special effects techniques. “People now prefer screen printed cards instead of ready-made offset or digital printed visiting cards,” says Arvind Virsodia as he looks at a heap of visiting cards. Pratik Screen has invested in Grafica's Nano-Print to offer specialty screen printing service. This involves print-decoration on offset printed commercial and packaging jobs with various luxury UV special effects. (Full story in next issue).

YS Computer, Baroda

Baroda based YS Computer has invested in Grafica’s Nano-Premier League plus especially to offer high end value addition.

“Value addition is nothing but a cutting edge, state of the art process of Post Print beautification. Value addition is a sure shot way of capturing the attention of potential customers,” asserts Vipul Desai, incharge of marketing & production at YS Computer. “About 70% of our UV screen printing capacity is used for undertaking job work,” he adds. (Full story in next issue).

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