Grafica News - June 2014

Printicon’s Table Calendar is an icon of creativity in value addition!

The Words ‘superb’ or ‘stunning’ are not simply enough to describe this Table Calendar, produced by Ahmedabad based Printicon.

Quantity: 500 pcs. Distributed among offset and packaging printers to inspire them about tremendous possibilities in value addition vis a vis UV special effects.

UV special effects used: Abrasive, glitter (silver & glitter), crystal, bubble, 3D reflective (micro emboss effect), rough, Glow in Dark, sensation (metallic black uv), gloss/matt.

Production process: Offset printing (Sappi 300) gsmand then various UV special effects using advanced screen printing (Grafica’s Nano-Print plus,Nano-UV and Nano-Screen Maker-5-in1).

Concept & Design: Inhouse. “There was dual purpose behind producing this Table Calendar with multiple UV special effects. Firstly, it is presented as a gift to customers in printing industry; secondly instead of showing UV special effect sample card, we could demonstrate how the real products (commercial printing or packaging) will look like when various UV special effects are innovatively applied. So, this calendar also works like a product catalogue for our company,” says Snehal Patel of Printicon. Printicon offers specialty screen printing service to offset and packaging printers in Gujarat. Their portfolio includes medical visual aids, wedding cards, corporate and real estate brochures, and packaging such as pharma cartons, saree and sweet boxes, etc.

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