Grafica News - July 2014

Applications of advanced screen printing revealed!
Heat Transfer / Garment tags / Shopping Bags

Thanusri Labels, Tirupur, Multi colour Heat transfers

Thanusri Labels, Tirupur, uses two Grafica screen printing machines to produce superior quality, multi colour heat transfer labels and stickers (16 to 30 colours), without slightest trouble. Thanusri Labels is a manufacturer of all types of heat transfer stickers for garments. Their product portfolio include: neck labels, chest print, Foil, Photo print, Glitter print, etc for kids'/men's/women's wear. They produce about 400,000 heat transfer stickers per day using eco friendly inks and chemicals sourced from leading brands. The company is an authorized vendor to many leading brands in Tirupur, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru who cater to export markets.

Real Prints, Tirupur, Silicone Heat transfers

Tirupur based Real Prints produces silicone base heat transfers using Grafica's Nano-Print plus, semi automatic screen printing machine. They have 10 fusing machines to render heat transfer service to customers. Real Prints is a manufacturer of all type heat transfer stickers, using non PVC, phthalate free, eco friendly inks. These are for applications on garments, school bags, umbrellas, etc. They offer Multi colour Neck labels / tagless labels, and Multi colour Full chest print transfers. Their product portfolio include: Silicone heat transfers, Photo prints, Flock transfers, Puff transfers, Foiling, Sublimation (digital printed, Special effects (glitter, etc), and Heat transfers for any type of fabric.

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