Grafica News - January 2014

Glacier Arts glides with success in DTG screen printing thanks to smooth & noiseless nano-prinTex

If one visits Glacier Arts' production facility at Bhiwandi in Thane district (farther north of Mumbai), the profitable impact of automation is quite evident.

As revealed by Pranav Parikh, proprietor of Glacier Arts, earlier 5-6 people used to run around their manual DTG screen printing tables which occupied a large space. “Now, only 2 or 3 people are enough to run Grafica's nanoprinTex, an automatic DTG screen printing machine.

“Earlier productivity was below par hence meeting delivery commitment was quite difficult. Last but not the least, the quality of print has surpassed the expectation of our existing customers who place repeat orders purely on merit of our production capacity and capability to deliver quality on time. As a result, we have also started attracting new customers,” explains Pranav.

Glacier Arts caters to customers in Mumbai and Bhiwandi. They shifted their printing unit from Govandi in north-east Mumbai to their present 6000 sq.ft facility at Bhiwandi in Thane dist in 2007. After struggling for several years with their manual printing, finally in September 2013, Glacier Arts opted for automation with a strategy to offer high quality DTG screen printing service on job work basis.

Interview with Pranav Parikh: Impact of automation:

We are progressing thanks to fantastic nano-prinTex and Grafica's excellent technical support. Now we can really feel the difference between manual and automatic machine: manual screen printing is like walking on the harsh jungle, it is very tedious and time consuming. On the other hand automation is like gliding on the glacier, we have improved our overall efficiency

Grafica – a preferred brand:

We never intended to buy imported, compressor-aided machine with lot of pneumatics inside. And it will work out to be expensive in the long run, considering its overall maintenance cost. On the other hand, nano-prinTex is not only simple-looking machine but also easy to operate; and overall energy bill is reduced. nano-prinTex is a performance oriented machine with perfect registration and sharp print quality.

The advantage with Grafica is that they have well knitted coordination with suppliers of inks and consumables as a result we are able to source best materials.

DMI experience:

In DMI workshop, we learnt how to make productive use of machine, got lot of technical tips on the use of various inks such as plastisol, water base, discharge, etc, use of different dark colour garment, screen making fundamentals, among many others.

Moreover, we also received onsite training with regard to machine operation and production /workflow procedures. I believe that running the machine is one aspect but to use the machine effectively is another ball game altogether, which requires technical knowledge. And such knowledge is available only at DMI.

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