Grafica News - Februrary 2014

Dhanshree Flexographics focuses on rural market for its screen printed non-woven bags

Bhiwandi based Dhanshree Flexographics has turned its focus on rural markets of Maharashtra state. As the name suggests, the company is engaged in the manufacture and supply of packaging / shopping carry bags made up of cloth, paper, jute, non-woven, PVC. Their screen printing unit at Panvel houses Grafica's Nano-Print for exclusively undertaking non-woven bag printing.

Non-woven bags are in big demand and we are targeting small towns of Maharashtra as plastic bags are fading away,” avers Nilesh Berde, proprietor of Dhanashree Flexographics. His brother Amol Berde runs packaging unit (bags) in Daman while Nilesh is managing their 3000 sq.ft plant in Bhiwandi, a town located on farther north-east of Mumbai.

“We are eying rural market in a big way because there are scores of shops and stores selling grocery, cloth, jewelry, medicine, etc. We also supply bags to garment/apparel manufacturers, shopping malls, sweets and food bazar” says Nilesh. “With automation quality has improved and production targets are met with ease,” he concludes.

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