Grafica News - Februrary 2014

With two CamShell AA's Ad-Aids moves on growth trajectory

Growth is where automation is... in industrial screen printing!

For many progressive minded screen printers intending to adopt automation, Grafica's Nano-Print proved to be a stepping stone for success. A point in case is Pune-based AA's Ad-Aids.

An ISO/TS 16949 2002 certified company AA's Ad-Aids had half dozen manual screen printing tables. After facing numerous production and quality issues, they kick started their journey in automation by installing Grafica's Nano-Premier League (NPL) which also included Nano-Print. Since then there was no turning back. Now the company has Grafica's two CamShell (20” x 30” and 30” x 40”), one Nano-Print plus and complete wide format screen making set up – all running at full stream.

“We print on any surface/ substrate,” says Vikrant Ghotge, CEO of the company. The second generation entrepreneur has a passion for soccer, safe yet adventure bike riding, among many other leisure activities. He oined the family business after graduation in 1995. 'Discipline, learning, practice' - are some of core values that he follows to achieve success in business, sports and adventures.


Tell us about the beginning:

My father Vivekanand Ghotge started with commercial printing. He used to deliver jobs on bicycle. He used to supply visiting cards, banners, stickers to Tata Group but there came new jobs related to industrial screen printing such as product application labels for vehicles. We did not start off as industrial printers, but situations demanded us to become supplier of industrial printers to automotive and related industries, job after job.

What's the impact of automation?

Soon we made entry into automation, we registered 10-15% growth and it is moving northwards. Automation is important to sustain your business and keep growing. We kick started automation specifically to improve quality and productivity.

Why are you loyal to brand Grafica?

As we found it difficult to achieve productivity and quality with half dozen manual screen printing tables, we made a first entry into automation. But our effort turned out to be a fruitless as the machine we bought from an Indian manufacturer did not work. It was a flop. Later we heard about Grafica and one of our industry friends recommended their machine. By this time Grafica had also launched their Nano-Print. Later I attended their NPL launch party where I booked the machine. Since then I never think of other manufacturer whenever I want to buy screen printing machine.

Their machines perform as per the claim made by the company. We are fully satisfied with the quality of their machine and technical support.

Secret of your Success:

I have yet to achieve that success, and I feel success stops if we stop learning. Learning is a continuous process. I also believe in 'practice with discipline makes man perfect' and this applies in business and sports. I make it a point to visit exhibitions because you get to learn some knowledge, ideas, see new technology there.

With strong team work, we have grown from strength to strength keeping strong principles in mind and the ever important success mantra: 'Affirmed Commitment for Value Based Ultimate Quality'.

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