Grafica News - Februrary 2014

4th Generation Wedding Card Manufacturer adopts Automation - B.R.Gupta & co

Kolkata based B.R.Gupta & Co, a 4th generation Wedding Card Manufacturing firm, has adopted automation by investing in Grafica's Nano-Premier League plus (NPL plus).

The company, which was started in 1959 by Late Begraj Gupta (B.R.Gupta), is claimed to be the first Marwari Wedding Card Showroom in East Zone, offering wide range of wedding cards/boxes involving designing and printing. B.R.Gupta's sons, Radhey Shyam Gupta, Kishan Gupta and Rajendra Prasad Gupta (2nd generation continued the business which was later taken over by his grandsons Vijay Kumar Gupta (V.K. Gupta) and Harish Gupta (3rd generation). Now, V K Gupta's son Rahul Gupta (4th generation) has also recently joined the family business.

“With automation we are able to maximize productivity,” says V.K. Gupta.

The 55-year old wedding card specialist have their printing unit and warehouse located on the other side of Hoogly River, besides a show room and office at a busy wedding card market in Kolkata. They are engaged in wholesale business, with special focus on retail, customized and designer wedding cards. They also make invitation cards and sweet boxes for various occasions. The company caters to customers in Kolkata/ West Bengal, Jharkhand, Assam, Ranchi market. They have even clients in UK, USA, and Bangladesh. “Even 50 years ago, we had exported wedding cards under the brand name 'Lovely's'. We had card brand which had continuous production of 8-10 lakhs with one single design by the name of Lovely's Chunrey which was a copyright. This card was also exported to USA,” says V.K. Gupta.

“Customers these days have become quality conscious and prefer fancy cards yet with sober colors, simple striking designs,” he concludes.

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