Grafica News - MAY 2013

“Bhargav Mistry’s commitment towards the growth of screen printing has inspired me" - Chandra Shaker

First of all let me clarify that I have never attended DMI’s workshops nor I have met DMI’s Director Bhargav Mistry. I am not even customer of Grafica.

However, the reason for presenting the sketch photo-frame of Bhargav conducting DMI Workshop (Downloaded from Grafica Website) was to appreciate and complement him for his extra ordinary contribution for the overall development of screen printing through his DMI workshops.

As a graphic designer I do lot of creative jobs which requires value addition. However, I outsource printing. I wanted to set up a screen printing unit. Hence while searching on the net, I encountered Grafica’s nano print video. At the same time out of curiosity I also sailed through their entire website and amazed to see so much information about screen printing, technical articles, experiences of screen printers involved in a wide range of applications.

So, for the last 1 ½ year I have been closely observing DMI’s activities by regularly visiting Grafica’s website. I also read Grafica News online. It did not take much time for me to understand the mission of Bhargav Mistry; how much time he is spending for the industry; how much research and R&D he is doing and what effort he is putting in to accomplish his mission. It is all reflected in the huge photo library of DMI’s workshops and Grafica News and Grafica website.

In India there is a bad image about screen printing although the real screen printing is an art and it is a vast field. I feel Bhargav has taken a task of giving a professional image to screen printing. I believe screen printing is an evergreen printing process and he is making its foundation very strong.

It is amazing to know that a machine manufacturer is having so much indepth knowledge and engaged in spreading it to others by conducting DMI workshops. I have never come across a person like Bhargav who is simply concerned about educating screen printers. Even I read one of his technical articles on UV in which he has explained the UV technology in a simple language.

I have understood clearly what is his mission, purpose, etc? Even without interacting or meeting him or attending DMI workshop, I have acquired immense knowledge and that has inspired me to invest in Grafica machine although I had to postpone my decision for a while.

About myself: After abandoning my ICWA midway, I did diploma in multimedia and 3D animation in 1995-96. I took up graphic designing in 1998 in a big way. Now my design studio is located on prominent design and printing hub at Secunderabad. My clientele include: Real estate, Pharma, IT companies, and general customers.

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