Grafica News - March 2013

All’s well @ Printwell , with first in Rajasthan

“With Grafica’s nano-prinTex, we are able to print customers’ jobs well ahead of delivery schedule, undertake volume jobs. Moreover, now we are able to offer quality garment printing service with competitive pricing which was next to impossible when we had manual screen printing set up,” says Ankur Patni, one of the partners of Jaipur based Printwell which undertakes direct to garment printing (DTG) and computerised embroidery.

Printwell has invested in nanoprinTex (10 colour/12 palette) along with two flash curing system (nano-flashTex) and nano-screen maker 5-in-1 (a complete inhouse screen making system comprising stretching unit, emulsion coating unit, screen dryer, screen exposing unit and inspection table).

Prior to the acquisition of nanoprinTex, Printwell has been using four 45 ft long tables, 2 manual DTG screen printing machines – all housed in their 3000 sq.ft production facility. Being the first company to install nano-prinTex in Rajasthan, they are enjoying the first mover advantage.

A joint interview with Manish, Abhishek and Ankur Patni, owners of Printwell:

Why automation?

Manual screen printing is terrible. Production is slow, at the same time it is labour intensive, and there was no further scope for improving quality. As our clientele increased, we were struggling to meet the demand for quality and volume production. Finally, we had to take the call for automation.

So what is the impact of automation?

  • Customer satisfaction!
  • Quality and productivity: 100% improvement
  • Delivery before time.
  • Capacity to cater to more customers;
  • Customer confidence:
  • Last but not the least, better pricing due to cost effective production practices.

Why Grafica?

We preferred Grafica’s nanoprinTex because of its...

  • Quality and performance
  • Registration accuracy
  • Easy machine set up,
  • No confusing mechanism
  • No compressor, no pneumatic
  • PLC with easy to use features

And of course, Grafica is best known for their excellent technical support. When we entered automation, it was a crucial transition period for us; our manual screen printers had to be trained and we also needed guidance on how to make best use of the machine. We have been receiving excellent guidance from Team Grafica. We spent lot of time with Grafica’s MD, Bhargav Mistry to understand the importance of colour management and design elements with regard to photorealistic garment printing.

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