Grafica News - March 2013

Duggal Printorium & Metal Co buys 2nd machine to augment bicycle sticker production

Following his tremendous success in automation, vis-à-vis, nanoprint plus, Rishi Duggal, owner of Duggal Printorium & Metal Co, Ludhiana has recently procured one more semi-automatic screen printing machine from Grafica - the nano-print.

Established in 2002, Duggal Printorium supplies holographic stickers and metal monograms for bicycle industry. They had 4 manual tables which he has already discarded.

Sharing his success in automation,Rishi says: “After installing nanoprint plus, our production doubled, quality improved. Naturally, demand for stickers has also increased.”

“As per my expectation, nano-print plus is a production and quality oriented machine. We produce stickers with consistent quality which was not possible with manual screen printing. Nano-print plus has really brought big change in my business that is why I bought one more machine.”

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