Grafica News - January 2013

With nano-print,Selva Screen Ultra offers ultra-deluxe print finishing service

The enthusiasm of Selva Amuthan, a commercial printer from Sivakasi, was such that after installing Grafica's nano-print, he renamed his company from Selva Screen to Selva Screen Ultra, to signify that his company is now offering ultra-deluxe print finishing service.

A printer with strong design background and absorbing power was highly fascinated to see DMI's attractive UV special effect samples on display at an exhibition in Chennai. Since then he was restless and bought Grafica's sturdy nano-print to convert all his creativity (and dream) into premium quality jobs and make a new beginning in commercial screen printing. Selva Screen Ultra is engaged in value added commercial and packaging printing. They also supply all kinds of PVC/paper/foil stickers to garment/textile industry in Tamil Nadu.

“I am maximizing my profit by offering various UV special effects such as glitter, 3D reflective, abrasive, and crystal, wrinkle... “I had interacted with Bhargav Mistry, Director of DMI, on Facebook and got some useful tips from him. I also read his blog and Grafica News. Moreover, I also visited Grafica's stall at various exhibitions especially to sharpen the knowledge in UV special effects, that’s where profit lies”.

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