Grafica News - April 2013

Image Care receives good response for their Table Calendar '2013

Ahmedabad based Image Care Pvt Ltd had produced and distributed a top grade Table Calendar 2013, combining advanced screen printing technology and UV special effect techniques. They have also blended design elements with lucid and witty text to make it attractive and convey a powerful message across. Interestingly they have used different substrates such as paper, velvet, PVC, etc.

Our Table Calendar has become our regular/ annual tool for marketing. Since last 13 years we have been bringing out our own Table Top Calendar with super rich process colour screen printing but without any value addition. Since the installation of Grafica's 30” X40”CamShell with inline UV, 3 years ago, we started using various UV special effects to transform our creativity into master piece of screen print. Let's thankfully say that we learnt some of the basic techniques in DMI workshop.

As always, this year too we avoided printing text and visuals which 'shouts' only about our own products and services. We imprinted our company name with very small fonts and avoided printing our logo on it. We used witty yet powerful management thoughts that are inspirational. We have received overwhelming response. Some of the recipients wanted us to meet their family members; some thanked us again and again; some of the clients wanted few extra calendars to gift it out to their contacts. An unknown lady found our email id and asked for a calendar as she wanted to gift it to her husband on valentine day! Every year we try to bring out Table Calendar with unique theme and creativity, and set a bench mark for ourselves surpassing the previous year's quality and creativity mark.

Anuj Desai, Image Care Pvt. Ltd, Ahmedabad.

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