Grafica News - October 2012

My investment in Grafica’s Cylinder Press signifies my success in value addition

Creative Graphics builds up capacity to deliver large volume & high precision value addition service with speed


What did you like most about Grafica's cylinder press in particular?

  • Registration system
  • High speed
  • Consistent print quality
  • Peel off system suitable for high quality jobs
  • Side lay sensors: It enables to avoid mis-registration which further reduces rejection.

Tell us why you are loyal to Brand Grafica?
I chose Grafica's cylinder press purely on merit of quality of their machine and my past experience with regard to their after sales service backed by strong technical support.

I received tremendous knowledge and technical support from Grafica and DMI during the crucial stage of my business, the take off stage. As I was single handedly running my screen printing business with no proper knowledge, I needed not only technology but also full technical support which they fulfilled when I bought their semi auto machine.

What benefit did you derive from DMI's training facilities?
I have taken full advantage of DMI training facilities including their workshop. In one of the workshops, I learnt important lesson that in screen printing mostly the problems crop up due to our mistakes in screen making and pre press and not because of machine although we used to think that way. I learnt very minute details of entire screen printing process from Bhargav Mistry. I feel that DMI is the first and only institution in India to give such a comprehensive knowledge.

I believe that UV is a specialized job. It requires sound knowledge coupled with a sense of high creativity. So, the knowledge acquired at DMI has also helped me to make our investment decision on cylinder press.

The secret behind his success: After completing MBA and undergoing training in graphic designing, Piyush gradually developed passion for designing and printing. He started manual screen printing right at the gallery of his parents' house against all opposition from parents. Later, he shifted his printing unit in 2006 to a rented place. In 2010, he bought Grafica's semi automatic screen printing machine and screen exposing unit; but his dream was to buy a fully automatic screen printing machine – Cylinder Press.

“An important point I want to highlight here is that although I was ambitious to buy Cylinder Press two years ago, I was advised by Grafica's official not to plunge into such big ticket investment since I had no past experience in automation. They suggested me to go for a semi auto and gain enough knowledge in speciality screen printing. Other supplier would have simply dumped the cylinder press and I would have left in the lurch,” says Piyush.

“I would say the Grafica team stood by me at a time when I needed their technical support the most. They have really played a lead role in my success although my own business strategy, hard work and passion for creativity also take the share of my success. My wife Dhwani has been a pillar of support and my equal partner in making this business a success.”

Today Piyush has every reason to smile with confidence as he has successfully transformed his dream into reality by investing in Grafica's Cylinder Press. He has also given employment opportunity to 11 people.

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