Grafica News - October 2012


Incredible Indian screen printers!

Six Indian companies bagged 55 titles in SGIA'12 Golden Image Award competitions!

Out of 85 entries received from India, 55 awards have been bagged by Six Indian companies against stiff international competitions.

Congratulations all award winners at SGIA'12!

Varsha Transprint (16 awards) (7 gold, 3 silver, 5 bronze & 1 Hon'ble mention)

Tarun Print Tech (16 awards) (4 gold, 6 silver, 3 bronze & 3 Hon'ble mention)

Classic Stripes Pvt Ltd (10 awards) (3 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze & 1 Hon'ble mention)

Spectrum Scan Pvt Ltd (6 awards) (3 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze & 1 Hon'ble mention)

PRS Permacel Pvt Ltd (4 awards) (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze & 1 Hon'ble mention)

Keetronics (India) Pvt Ltd (3 awards) (1 gold, 1 silver, & 1 Hon'ble mention)

Award winners' comments:

What is the importance of participating in an international award competition like this? And what it means to you when your company has won many awards in SGIA, USA?

Winning at SGIA and similar competitions mean a lot to us. Screen printing is one of our core businesses and we are one of the Indian major players in this industry. So we feel great when we are appreciated at global level for our key strength. It also brings in conviction to our valuable customers whom we serve as we go by our motto of delighting our customers. It adds to our good will in the market and to the trust which our customers hold in the name PRS Permacel and enhances our brand image. We have been winning consecutively for the last 3 years at SGIA in various categories.

We have won four awards at SGIA'12:

  • Ford Classic- Bronze; Fleet Markings (Multisheet)
  • SAIL Amazing Experience- Gold; Fleet Markings (Multisheet)
  • Boxer Tank Decal- Honorable Mention; Decals/Labels/Stickers
  • Powertrac 439 DS plus decal-Silver; Decals/Labels/Stickers

Although India is a novice in screen printing, participating in competitions at international level forms a platform for the Indian participants to show their capability and prove their mettle in a subject which is very new to them. It also demonstrates that such humongous talent is breeding and getting nurtured to compete with participating MNCs. In the longer run such international platforms will encourage us to hone our printing skills nearly reaching to perfection as we see in our international counterparts. It will also bring in use of new technology for printing, innovative and creative ideas rather developing new materials on which printing can be done. This may also create a potential for huge printing market in India serving to MNCs. At last we can say that India is emerging foward in screen printing and we look for more and more platforms to show our potential.

Rajesh Vaity General Marketing Manager PRS Permacel Private Limited

"It is indeed a pleasure and proud moment for us to win so many awards. We do love to compete, but our competition is with ourselves, our last product is our benchmark and we try to improve on it. We participate in international competitions to prove what India is capable of doing. We proved it time and again, that we are at par with the international standards by repeatedly winning in international competitions. Our focus is on the technology of future - Fusion – to have a shot of screen printing blended with Digital printing. We thank Team Grafica for their kind wishes.

Jignesh Ruparelia
Varsha Transprint

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