Grafica News - October 2012

Meera Packers effectively uses Grafica NPL to apply UV special effects on packaging

Value addition concept is fast catching up in Ludhiana!

During his visit to Grafica's stall at an exhibition in Ludhiana, Tejbir Sachdeva, proprietor of Meera Packers, quickly realised the application of screen printing process to effectively enhance face value of packaging, printed by offset process.

Today, Meera Packers, sister concern of Ludhiana based Meera Print Pack, effectively uses Grafica's Grafica's Nano-Premier League (NPL) system to apply various UV special effects on designer sweet and dry-fruit boxes, pharma packaging, wedding cards and gift boxes, paper bags, etc. These products are also exported to US, UK and Canada. Founded in 1989, Meera Print Pack's printing facilities are spread over 2500 sq.yard which houses one 4-colour offset, automatic die cutting machine, lamination, and platemaking unit besides a design team. They also have a show-room at Ludhiana's busy Meena Bazar.

"We had to adopt advanced screen printing technology as there was a growing trend of value addition, and customers were demanding for innovative and exclusive packaging," avers Tejbir.

Giving 'best' rating to Grafica's NPL system and after sales service, Tejbir says: "During our visit to their stall, we watched live demo; their machines were looked exceptionally very good built-wise and performance-wise. While dealing with them they were transparent in revealing the secret of UV special effects and its application in packaging. So, for me first impression was the last impression. We also took advantage of their DMI institute by deputing our team for 3-day workshop which helped us to understand the fundamentals of automation and value addition in depth."

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