Grafica News - October 2012

NPL plus set up and DMI's knowledge are double engines of growth - say PrintCom's partners

The impact of automation in screen printing when combined with DMI's powerful knowledge can be gauged from the fact that Coimbatore based PrintCom has achieved quick success in industrial screen printing after installing Grafica's Nano Premier League plus (NPL plus).

"Propelled by this initial success and based on the knowledge gathered at DMI on the numerous applications of advanced screen printing, we have now drawn out an expansion and diversification plan envisaging setting up of a bigger printing unit on a piece of land to be owned by us as currently we are operating from a rented gala," discloses M Shivanandan and R. Murugesan, two partners of Coimbatore based PrintCom. "Once the new unit is set up, we also intend to buy Grafica's high end screen printing machines as there is tremendous scope for industrial screen printing, value addition, graphics printing on semi and rigid substrates," he adds.

"The performance of Grafica's NPL plus and our success in automation, clearly proves that we made the best choice by choosing brand Grafica. With our experience we can vouch that NPL plus created by an experienced and knowledgeable company – Grafica - is the first class system for industrial screen printing," says Shivanandan. "With NPL plus, we have become self reliant and have full control over quality."

DMI experience:
"DMI is the ultimate source of knowledge for screen printers in India."

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