Grafica News - November 2012

With Grafica’s Cylinder Press, Perfect Dot offers wide range of UV special effects with perfection

To meet the growing demand for value addition in Gujarat, two entrepreneurs -- Utsav Talati and Dheer Parikh, partners of Perfect Dot, have strategically invested in advanced screen printing technology. Their big ticket investment involved acquisition of Grafica's 30” x 40” Swing Cylinder Press, UV Curing system, complete screen making set up, squeegee sharpener.

Perfect Dot, the sister concern of Ahmedabad based Gujarat Offset Pvt Ltd, has began offering value addition service to customers in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Morbi, and other parts of Gujarat. They also cater to export market as well. Around 20% of the capacity is utilised by their parent company.

Joint interview with Utsav and Dheer:

Being a large offset printing house why did your Group invested in screen printing technology?
There are over 1500 offset printers in Gujarat. However, we realised that value addition is the key to success in commercial/packaging printing business. Earlier, our parent company also used to outsource print finishing work. So, with the dual purpose of catering to our parent company's needs and to seize the untapped high end print finishing market, we embarked on a major investment in advanced screen printing technology.

How is your value addition project going?
Our ultimate print finishing service comprises wrinkle, crystal, abrasive, 3D reflective, ecosensation, coral, bubble and many other ornamental UV special effects, besides regular spot UV (gloss/matt), and also halftone printing.

Steps towards Quality service:
Taking inspiration from DMI, we have set up our screen printing unit in similar lines; we adhere to standard practices in screen printing process by using high quality UV inks/varnishes chemicals and other consumables. We strive to be a quality print finishing service provider offering wide range of UV special effects for value addition.

Why did you prefer brand Grafica?
Although industry circle had suggested us to go for an imported machine, we opted for Grafica's Cylinder Press purely on merit of quality of their machine, and most importantly their excellent technical support. We felt that mere investment in such high end machine was not fruitful unless knowledge is also imparted to us on an ongoing basis.

So, are you satisfied with Grafica’s after sales service?
Yes, we are fully satisfied with their technical support. Let me tell you, there are many manufacturers of machines who would only provide technical brochures and videos along with the machine. In India this is still an issue. However, Grafica rendered full technical support all throughout the trial and R&D stage. Their team led by Bhargav Mistry played a key role in streamlining our production. They give personal attention and try to maintain good relationship with customers despite their growing customers base. It is a great feeling to be associated with Grafica.

Why knowledge is important?
Value addition is not everybody's 'cup of ink'; one needs to have a sound knowledge. Value addition is both creative and critical activity. So, we did not approach the market until we attained the right knowledge of value addition which involves assimilation of various UV special effects over offset printed commercial and packaging jobs. Thanks to Grafica/DMI team, we are now empowered with this highly specialised knowledge.

DMI workshop experience:
The atmosphere in DMI is very positive; we think such environment with positive vibration is necessary to make workmen feel comfortable at work. During the workshop, we learnt fundamentals of value addition and various applications of screen printing process.

What are your Group's key strengths?
Offering the best of quality with competitive price, prompt service, and meeting delivery schedules with commitment are some of our key strengths. Our parent company, Gujarat Offset is onestop service provider with multi process printing service in place – 5 and 4 colour Heidelberg offset press, large format digital presses and now advanced screen printing. We also have complete Prepress and post press facilities.

Perfect Dot had won two ‘gold’ prizes in SCREEN PRINT INDIA AWARDS’12 competition under ‘Posters – Special UV effects’ and ‘Danglers’ categories.

About Gujarat Offset

Gujarat Offset Pvt Ltd is supposed to be the oldest offset printing press in Gujarat, set up some 50 years ago. After working in a printing press in the then Bombay State, in 1964 Bal Krishna Parikh laid the foundation for Gujarat Offset Works in Ahmedabad. Later in 1972, his son Yogesh Parikh joined the family business, and in 1991 he set up Gujarat Offset Private Limited. His son, Dheer Parikh has joined the family business and partnered with Utsav Talati in Perfect Dot. The award winning printing company's services are broadly divided into commercial and packaging printing. They cater to big corporate, FMCGs, MNCs, publication houses and advertising agencies, State owned Companies, NGOs, educational institutes, banks among many others.

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