Grafica News - November 2012

Grafica installs first nano-prinTex in USA

With the recent installation of nano-prinTex at “Imagine This Company” in Richmond, Virginia, Grafica became the first Indian company to export automatic direct to garment textile screen printing machine to USA.

Recently Grafica, in association with its North America sole distributor, RH Solutions LLC, had successfully showcased its nanoprinTex at SGIA'12 exhibition in Las Vegas, USA. “The three day expo was electric and the visitors were delighted with the live demonstrations of Grafica's nanoprinTex 8 Color, 10 Pallet, nanoflashTex Curing Unit and 'Award- Winning' Nano-print Plus with Nano-UV Curing Machine,” reports Ron Hayden, Director of RH Solutions, adding “Grafica's moment at SGIA'12 show emerged on the second day when Richmond, Virginia based “Imagine This Company” purchased the nano-prinTex 8C- 10P & nano-flashTex Curing Unit off the show floor.”

Now the machine has been successfully installed and running in production. “Owners, Michael and Beverly Moss are pleased with the many benefits that the nanoprinTex has to offer such as the simple logics of the touch control panel, user-friendly operation and smooth/quiet cycle of the machine,” says Ron who was present at “Imagine This Company” while nano-prinTex was being installed by Grafica's technical personnel.

“Imagine This Company” has been in business for over 25 years and is a leading manufacturer of customized signs, magnets, displays, banners, promotional items and wearables. The company is a multi-functional printing company that can customize any one of their products for specific customer requirements.

“Grafica's commitment to help manual printers move into high quality automation now offers an economical answer,” avers Ron.

“The new FlashTex Curing System featuring a highly accurate heat sensing device to avoid garment scorching and has multi-zone capability for specific zoned curing. The benefit of the zoned curing feature is to maximum efficiency and energy savings when curing in smaller areas of the garment such as pocket and chest printing etc,” he adds.

"Special thanks to team Grafica for their focus on "Innovation, continuous improvement philosophy and commitment to adopt energy saving features". With growing concerns about being 'green' and conserving energy, print shop owners must always be on the look out for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, increase productivity and save money at the same time," concludes Ron.

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