Grafica News - June 2012

S.S. Enterprises delivers quality stickers to leather industry with NPL plus

NPL plus package is especially designed to solve all the problems of manual screen printers

To meet the objective of offering quality labels at competitive price with delivery commitment, Chennai based S.S. Enterprises had to revamp its screen printing unit with Grafica's Nano Premier League plus (NPL plus).

S.S. Enterprises is almost an allwomen printing firm. Spread over 1700 sq.ft, their printing unit also houses a design studio, label printing machinery and total pre press / post press facilities. They supply all types of stickers and labels to leather industry.

“After deploying Grafica's NPL plus and attending DMI's 3-day workshop, we have gained immense confidence, as a result we are now exploring other areas of industrial screen printing such as polycarbonate, polyester, PVC, taffeta, paper labels,” discloses V.

Ganesan, one of the partners of S.S. Enterprises, other being his brother V. Thiyagarajan. “I have reason to believe that NPL plus package is especially designed to solve all the problems of manual screen printers. Moreover, since we have employed women staffs, manual screen printing was really taxing for them. So, Grafica's NPL plus system has given great relief to them,” says Ganesan.

DMI Workshop (2-4 Feb'12) experience:

“I would say DMI has redefined the screen printing process. With constant technical support from DMI and excellent technology from Grafica, we are now in an advantageous position to offer the best to our customers.”

V Ganesan /V Saravanan

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