Grafica News - June 2012

“Screen printing technology is truly a 'low investment, high return' proposition”

Rajesh Screen Printers, Madurai, invests in two CamShell to print advt display boards on sunpac

An interview with Mr. Ilangovan:

In this digital age, why did your company invest exclusively in screen printing technology?

From the very beginning we have been aggressively pursuing screen printing albeit with manual set up. However, we achieved major breakthrough after investing in Grafica's Cam Shell. Since then our appetite for screen printing process has increased. That's why we invested in another screen printing machine from Grafica. We believe screen printing is the best cost effective option to produce large volume advertising display materials on sunpack. Investing in screen printing technology is truly a 'low investment, high return' proposition.

Performance of Grafica's machines:

Grafica's Cam Shell requires less maintenance. There was hardly any breakdown even if we run the machine in 3 shifts. That is why we bought another Cam Shell from Grafica instead of buying other brand.

What about Grafica's service?

With Grafica's highly productive machines, backed by their invaluable technical support, we could enviably meet our business objectives of offering quality printing service with delivery commitment. We thank Grafica for their great training support rendered by one of the DMI's faculties. He was here for almost one week to train our staff.

Your experience in DMI's 3- day workshop:

We had attended DMI's workshop and gathered detailed knowledge, learnt standard practices required for quality improvement.

We proudly feel that we are a part of Grafica family.

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