Grafica News - June 2012

Satyam Tin, prefers NPL to produce quality multi-colour industrial labels

NPL gives us complete freedom and control over our job as we make quality screens inhouse

Owing to numerous drawbacks associated with manual screen printing, Rajkot based, Satyam Tin Manufacturer, switched over to automation by deploying Grafica's Nano Premier League (NPL).

Satyam Tin Manufacturer supplies brass and stainless steel labels, etching, anodized metal labels and stickers, PU coated label, and multicolour designing and printing of paper stickers. They cater to submersible pump, flour mill machinery, and diesel-engine and spare parts manufacturers in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

“As we are engaged in industrial screen printing, we felt the urgent need to go for automation owing to numerous problems in manual screen printing. Automation was also needed to supply quality products within stipulated delivery schedules,” says Nilesh Pipalia and his father Laxmanbhai Pipalia.

“The entire NPL system is built with perfect workmanship. It is a great concept which fulfils production requirement of screen printers like us. NPL gives us complete freedom and control over our job as we make quality screens inhouse. When we use such advanced technology it is quite natural that overall efficiency of our printing unit has also improved to a satisfactory level.”

“Grafica is a technically sound company. They have excellent knowledge in screen printing. Their strength is clearly reflected in their comprehensive website. Moreover, through their eNews we are informed about the new developments in screen printing. We are happy to get associated with such a renowned company,” concludes Nilesh.

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