Grafica News - June 2012

Payal Card's success in automation

“We have achieved major breakthrough in wedding card business after investing in Grafica's NPL plus” - Dinesh Porwal

While thousands of wedding card manufacturers/printers still indulge in manual screen printing, Dinesh Porwal, proprietor of Mumbai based Payal Card, shares his success in automation achieved within four months of his investment in Grafica's Nano Premier League plus (NPL plus).

“We invested in NPL plus specifically to achieve our dual business goals: to offer quality wedding cards, and to increase their production/supply capacity with time-bound delivery capability.

“We are extensively using NPL plus to produce wholesale wedding cards and wedding stationery such as envelopes and paper bags, boxes which we supply to wedding card dealers all over India. Earlier we used to outsource screen printing by engaging 6-8 manual tables. However the tide changed when we first visited Grafica's stall at an exhibition in Mumbai in 2010 where we saw live demo of their Nano series screen printing machines for the first time. We were also enthralled to glance through DMI's wide range of UV special effect samples including innovative wedding cards. Since we were totally new to screen printing we wanted to buy more time before taking a concrete decision as we had also other investment plans but after an alluring experience at DMI workshop, we finally procured Grafica's NPL plus, an investment which changed our fortunes,” concludes Dinesh.

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