Grafica News - June 2012

National Printers with NPL, emerges as multi platform printing firm

A simple visiting card is now required to be printed differently with one or two special effects

With the addition of Grafica's Nano-Premier League (NPL), a complete inhouse screen printing solution, National Printers And Co has now emerged as a multi platform printing house in Hosur.

Founded in 1983 by A. Semban, National Printers used to offer only offset printing service initially. Now their 3500 sq.ft printing unit houses four digital presses and complete screen printing set up. The firm offers value added stationery, wedding cards, calendars, stickers and labels, commercial jobs and packaging. Their screen printing unit – A. S. A. Screen - is solely managed by Semban's other better half - Indrani.

“These days print buyers expect us to offer unique designs and printing service with value addition. Even a simple visiting card is now required to be printed differently with one or two special effects,” says Semban. “With the combination of our inhouse design team and Grafica's NPL, we are able to meet the diverse needs of our corporate and individual print buyers in and around Hosur,” he adds. “Grafica offers reliable and prompt after sales service which is the most important factor. Moreover, our physically challenged operator who had attended DMI's workshop got good exposure in advance screen printing. This kind of facility is not available anywhere in India that's why we are proud to be associated with Grafica,” he concludes.

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