Grafica News - June 2012

Grafica appoints Kay Bee Sales as representative for Baroda

As a part of its ongoing distributor network expansion, Grafica has recently appointed Veebha K. Baxi, proprietor of Kay Bee Sales, as its representative for Baroda.

Kay Bee Sales, a screen printing consumables distributor, has recently opened a new demo centre at Dandia Bazar in Baroda on 14th May 2012 which houses Grafica's Nano-Print, Nano-UV and DMI's creative sample gallery. Throughout the day around 200 screen printers were delighted to witness live demo of Grafica's Nano-Print and Nano-UV.

An interview with Veebha Baxi:

Being a consumables' distributor, what is the strategy behind venturing into machinery selling business?

As a consumable/ink supplier, I will be in a better position to offer quality materials such as UV inks and varnishes, along with quality machines (Nano-Print and Nano- UV) to our customers. It is also a new avenue to generate more business from existing and attract new customers.

There is a good scope to convert manual screen printers into automation in our market due to labour shortage. Our shop will be ideal point for screen printers who want to source quality machine, materials and even obtain right training from DMI.

Why demo centre?

I believe, showing a demo would be most appropriate method of marketing instead of just showing brochures. Our customers need not go all the way to Grafica's factory at Vasai near Mumbai to see machine demo.

Your views on DMI:

DMI is a great boon to screen printers and even to suppliers like me who want to upgrade their knowledge in advanced screen printing.

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