Grafica News - June 2012

“100,000 fine quality heat transfer stickers per day without any breakdown”

Shiva Sakkthi Transfer deploys 4 Semi Automatic screen printing machines from Grafica

C.S. Muthukumar, proprietor of Shiva Sakkthi Transfer, Tirupur is quite busy these days in fully exploiting four semi automatic screen printing machines from Grafica to roll out over 100,000 fine quality heat transfer stickers per day.

Set up in 2011, their full fledged unit is spread over 1000 sq. ft. The company supplies heat transfer labels to major markets such as Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Tirupur, and Sri Lanka.

Giving full marks to Grafica's semi automatic screen printing machines, Muthukumar says: “Grafica's machines are most suited for heat transfer printing with high accuracy and faster production. We have never encountered any breakdown despite running it for long hours.”

His DMI workshop experience: “I had attended DMI's workshop in 2006. With such advanced technical knowledge we are now able to exploit the technology to its full potential and grow in business.”

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