Grafica News - June 2012

The Business Screens adds NPL plus to offer value addition in God's Own County

I am able to make rapid inroads into print finishing market across Kerala

Considering the immense potential for value addition in God's Own Country - Kerala - B.K. Rajan of The Business Screens has recently invested in Grafica's Nano-Premier League plus (NPL plus.

The Business Screens, located at Ernakulam, offers cost effective, high accuracy spot UV service to offset printers across Kerala state and Mangalore city in Karnataka state.

Giving thumbs up to brand Grafica, Rajan says: “NPL plus is a complete inhouse screen printing solution for spot UV jobs. Grafica offers excellent technical support which is big advantage. With their support, I am able to make rapid inroad into print finishing market; orders are constantly flowing from the market as we offer unique UV special effects to our customers.”

His views about DMI:

“I had the privilege of attending DMI's workshop. It appears to me that Grafica is creating tremendous awareness and promoting better practices in screen printing.

I believe that there is no point in bringing mere awareness about automation, but there is also need to make screen printers aware of new inks, chemicals, special effects, etc, because usually small and medium printers like us especially in low-profile printing market are not exposed to newer technologies. One can source best machine from anywhere in the world, but the kind of knowledge given by DMI is rare.”

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