Grafica News - July 2012

S.S. Transfer reposes confidence in brand Grafica, buys 3rd Cam Shell

“Grafica's Cam Shell is undoubtedly the most preferred screen printing machine in the ceramic industry,” says Rajiv Bansal, Proprietor, SS Transfer, Khurja in Uttar Pradesh.

Grafica's Cam Shell, a heavy duty yet easy to use semi automatic screen printing machine, has great features which are perfectly meeting the quality requirement of ceramic decal printing. That is exactly why more and more ceramic manufacturers and ceramic decal producers are placing repeat orders for Grafica’s Cam Shell.

S S Transfer had first invested in Grafica's Cam Shell in 2010 as part of modernisation of their screen printing unit. Based on the excellent performance of the first machine, in early 2012 the company bought another Cam Shell to tide over the demand for ceramic decals. Within six months they are adding one more Cam- Shell.

“We had several manual screen printing tables. But off late I strongly felt that to remain in the market on the long run, I should completely automize our screen printing. So with our past experience, I feel Grafica is the only company in India offering quality machines with strong technical backup. We do not even think of other suppliers,” asserts Mr. Bansal.

About Grafica's Cam Shell:The unique flood bar with hardened SS blade specially designed for ceramics inks are the best to deliver good quality halftone prints. Squeegee pressure equalizing system and peel-off mechanism in Cam-Shell is a very unique and a useful feature required for ceramic transfer.

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