Grafica News - July 2012

“Marriages are made in Heaven, Marriage cards are made in Menaka”

And screen printed on Grafica's Nano-Print plus, 11 machines

Here is a mammoth wedding card conglomerate which has deployed as many as 11 Nano-Print plus from Grafica as part of their massive automation plan.

Menaka Card Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of customised/ready-made and premium wedding cards and special occasion invitation cards, with more than 1000 designs in stock. Cards are printed in languages such as English, Tamil, Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, German, French etc., catering to all classes and religions.

Saga of Menaka Card:

The foundation for Menaka Card Empire was laid by S. Shangara Lingam, on 18th June 1980 in Chennai. degree and a diploma holder in printing, Shangara Lingam ventured to visiting cards and letter heads printing. Like many other screen printers, he started with just one manual screen printing table assisted by two helpers. The printing unit was confined in 11' x 17' gala with a rent of Rs.65. “I myself used to pull the squeegee those days,” recalls Shangara Lingam, Chairman & MD of Menaka Card. Menaka Card has posted 23% growth in 2011-12 as against 18% growth in 2010-11. His son, S. Sharavana Prakash, BE in printing, has joined Menaka Card Board as director.

A face-to-face interview:: Why did you enter wedding card Business? I started my business in 1980 with letterhead and visiting card printing as I had passion for creativity and designing. But I had never intended to venture into wedding card printing until my wedding date was announced. I moved around Chennai in search of a quality wedding card printer, fortunately I was not satisfied. Then I decided to print cards for my wedding. With the support of my friend at Coimbatore, I created my own idea concept for printing the card. The card was just double the size of two visiting cards but I used all my creativity to make it memorable and appealing. The card generated lot of enquiry. Later on, I started getting orders for printing cards from my friends and relatives. Finally, it turned out to be a full-fledged wedding card business, created out of nothing.

Why did you embark on massive automation plan?
We embarked on major automation plan to improve overall efficiency in our business and maximise profitability as we had 45 manual screen printing tables with a huge labour intensive production facilities.

Consistent quality was an issue, hence automation was the only way to improve quality and print cards with high accuracy especially in multi colour cards. Also, reducing wastage was a major issue. Immediately after installing 11 screen-printing machines we have already bought down wastage by more than 50%, and that gave us the confidence to take our automation plan to the next level which will further help us reduce wastage and minimize rejections.

Why did you choose brand Grafica?
While buying any machine, I always considered 'after sales service' as the major factor although quality and price are also Cussttoomeerrss And screen printed on Grafica's Nano-Print plus, 11 machines “Marriages are made in Heaven, Marriage cards are made in Menaka” Menaka Cards important factors. But with Grafica all three are available - quality machine, excellent service, and reasonable price.

About Nano-Print plus: Considering its superior quality, simple yet unique features and performance, I can say that the price of Grafica's Print plus is very reasonable. It is value for money. I liked the upward parallel movement and squeegee mechanism of Nano-Print plus. Our female operators feel very comfortable to print on these machines with minimum effort. I feel in its category, Nano-Printplus is the best in the world.

Please rate Grafica's machines and service: Quality: Fully satisfied Performance: Fully satisfied Reliability: Fully satisfied Service: Fully satisfied.

Grafica's Educational efforts through DMI: I appreciate Bhargav for his painstaking effort to impart advanced knowledge to screen printers in India and bringing greater awareness. Grafica is the only company in India which is offering quality machines while at the same time upgrading the knowledge of screen printers with advanced techniques through DMI.

Secret of Menaka's success? Our business model! From the very beginning Menaka practices good business ethics and has developed its own philosophy to meet the requirements of our customers by maintaining Quality, Service, Ethics and Reliability (QSER).

What is your future plan?
Phase 1: Revamping existing screen printing unit with complete automation to be completed within 3 years Phase 2: Expansion to double existing capacity, to be accomplished within 5 years. The aim is to meet the demand of entire south India and maximise efficiency of our workforce through automation.

Environmental initiative: Our two large factories are surrounded by an expanse of tree plantation such as coconut, guava, sapota, amla, mango. We are also initiating plantation of herbal trees. So, there is lot of breeze from the greenery, surrounding the factories. This way there is a natural neutralisation of pollution.

Shangara Lingam,
Chairman & Managing Director

Menaka Cards has posted 23% growth in 2011-12 as against 18% growth in 2010-11.

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