Grafica News - July 2012

“After investing in Grafica's NPL, we have recorded 50% rise in profit”

Mitesh Shah, proprietor of Barodabased RECKON LABELS, who had few manual screen printing tables, tells how his company achieved over 50% increase in profit after investing in Grafica's Nano- Premier League (NPL).

“NPL is truly a low cost, high quality, complete inhouse screen printing solution introduced by Grafica for the benefit of small size screen printers like us,” asserts Mitesh, a diploma holder in electrical.

“We used to incur huge loss every year due to rejection of 15-20%. However, after started using Grafica's NPL, our rejection is minimised to 1-2%. When rejections are minimised, naturally you are sealing leakage in your profitability basket; clientele increases because of quality and prompt deliveries. Moreover, we have recovered our investment within one year.

“This reflects the kind of quality Nano-Print delivers. And behind every quality print there lies a quality screen which we make using Grafica's Screen Maker 5-in-1, an all in one screen making system. Moreover, production is doubled; my printing unit is running with full steam as orders are pouring in. That is the big impact of automation.”

“I have taken immense benefit from DMI workshop. We try to maintain dust-free environment in our printing unit besides applying every bit of knowledge in all areas of screen printing process.”

Mitesh strongly urges all industrial screen printers not to indulge in outdated manual screen printing. “As per my personal experience, rejection is imminent in manual; every rejection should be counted as national waste and loss as the substrates used in industrial screen printing are very costly and the time spent by us is very precious.”

Mitesh concludes with confidence: “I am planning to buy Nano-Print plus for my business expansion.”

Perhaps many printers who are still caught up in the web of manual screen printing can take a leaf out of his stupendous success in automation.

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