Grafica News - July 2012

Creative Edge installs 2nd Two-Post Pillar to meet growing demand for sports goods decals

With the purchase of another Two Post Pillar from Grafica, Jalandhar based Creative Edge has once again reposed its trust in brand Grafica. This new investment was much needed to meet the growing demand for sports goods decals.

“Ever since we bought their Nano- Print and Two Post Pillar, we have gained tremendous confidence in brand Grafica because of their reliable technology backed by allround service support. With such excellent experience, we have now made up our mind to deal only with Grafica,” reveals Pankaj Sharma, one of the partners of Creative Edge. “We feel highly privileged to get associated with Grafica.”

Creative Edge supplies decals to sports goods industry in Jalandhar and Meerut. It also manufactures stickers, polycarbonate labels, transfer labels for footwears, home appliances, electrical goods, tyres, et al. Creative Edge began its automation journey in screen printing with Grafica's Nano-Print. After its initial success in automation, the company quickly bought Grafica's Two Post Pillar, which finds application in wide range of industrial screen printing. “There are many reasons why I preferred Grafica's 'TWO POST PILLAR': It is heavy duty machine yet easy to set up, easy to control as we experienced earlier. Due to its sturdy structure there is maximum stability even at full production speed, without affecting quality of prints and accuracy required in high end screen printing such as sports goods decals,” avers Pankaj.

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