Grafica News - December 2012

Why Rohit Fabrics prefer Grafica’s Nano-prinTex?

Why automation?

“From our experience I can say that printing on manual tables is time consuming, tiresome, tedious, and rejection is too high. Of course, inconsistent quality is another major issue. Manual tables require lot of skilled labour besides occupying huge space which results in higher production cost. But after installing nano-prinTex we could weed out these problems and improve overall efficiency,” says Rohit while highlighting following advantages of automation:

According to him the benefits of automation are:

  • Clean and comfortable work environment/production system
  • Less wastage of inks/chemicals
  • Higher accuracy and faster printing.
  • Possible to print many colours with ease than manual printing method.
  • Halftone/photo realistic image reproduction possible.

Why did they prefer Grafica's nano-prinTex?
“Grafica's nano-prinTex is reasonably priced, it is indeed advanced technology,” avers Rohit Jain.“The major deciding factor which tilted the balance in favour of nano-prinTex was that it has no compressor, it being an allelectrical- mechanical machine.” He feels that a pneumatic-based machine needs more power because of compressor. “It looks too complicated to handle with so many components and network of pipes and wires.”

While explaining the reasons behind installing Grafica's screen maker 5-in-1, Rohit says: “Once we understood the great benefits of automation, we also felt that screen making is a crucial stage in textile screen printing. Earlier, due to improper screen making method, we used to face problem in exposing and developing fine dots and sharp text, and photorealistic images. Grafica's screen maker 5-in-1 meets all the parameters of quality screen making.”

When asked about the rumours concerning performance of nanoprinTex, he said,“We are using this machine to its full potential without facing any major problem. We are satisfied with overall performance of machine.” In fact he was glad to know that Grafica has a residence technical support engineer based in Ludhiana. “This makes us carefree in terms of after sales service.”

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