Grafica News - December 2012

MCR Screens engages Nano-Print & nano-UV to produce heap of wedding cards

Following his investment in Grafica's Nano-Print and Nano- UV,R. Sekar, proprietor of MCR Screens, Bengalure, now finds more time for his wedding card business as well as humanitarian service.

“Due to the very tedious work culture of manual screen printing (including use of solvent based inks), my regular presence was required to supervise the jobs. However, after adopting automation and UV technology, I am able to spend quality time for creativity and marketing, and also devote some time for social service,” says Sekar who also oversees administration in a hospital.

Expressing full satisfaction over the performance of Grafica's Nano-Print, Sekhar also recalls how he was greatly benefitted from DMI's workshop. “It was a thought-provoking workshop. I received some profitable tips from Bhargav Mistry on the application of UV special effects which are useful in wedding carding printing.”

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