Grafica News - December 2012

Madhu Creations trusts Grafica for nano-prinTex quality and service

Here is interview with Arun Oswal:

What is your take on automation?
Automation is necessary to survive and grow in business. With manual tables, we could never print more than1500 pcs per day. However, since installation of Grafica's automatic DTG nano-prinTex, we easily print over 5000 pcs per shift. No doubt, our quality has also improved by over 50%. So, there is indeed a great benefit of automation.

Why did you prefer Grafica's nano-prinTex?
During our visit to Grafica's stall at an exhibition in New Delhi, we were quite surprised to witness smooth functioning and noise free mechanism of nano-prinTex. Moreover, since Grafica is already a reputed screen printing machinery manufacturer, we had full faith and trust in their newly launched nano-prinTex, which is supposed to be world's first all electrical-mechanical direct to garment textile screen printing machine. In fact for quite sometime, I have been looking for a low cost machine with minimum maintenance benefit and easy to operate features.

Surprisingly, since its launch in early 2012, Grafica has improvised their machine. This also shows their strength, and their ability to respond quickly to customers' feedback and market needs. We thank Grafica for introducing an affordable machine with all useful features plus more compared to most costliest machine in the market.

What is your experience of nano-prinTex?

  • nano-prinTex does not have a compressor, hence it also means low-maintenance cost;
  • We are fully satisfied with its quality and performance.

Let me emphasis that since installation they have given sufficient onsite training and technical support to streamline our production. In fact, I was quite delighted when Bhargav Mistry visited our factory. He guided us about the importance of screen making, workflow, and gave many useful ideas. Such technical support is desirable to exploit the machine fully.

To conclude, I am fully satisfied with the performance of Grafica's nano-prinTex and their prompt after sales service. So, our experience, squarely nullifies the false market rumours. This machine will rock in the global market.

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